For you who think Porter is the answer

Not really happy with the way Glenn has performed but for you fans that think Porter is the answer I think we saw we he has to offer tonight.

  1. stares down his receiver,

  2. can make a second a thrid read.

  3. lacks perspective of rush

4)Prone to fumble

  1. not cool under any pressure

X2 It is glaring.

IMO Porter should be released tomorrow. And OB released Monday. This foolishness has to come to and end.

The team seems to like keeping him around because of what he can do in short yardage situations. But he seems to keep getting worse as he gains experience. How much longer will he be kept around?

can we fire everybody...rename the team...claim to the CFL that this is now a new franchise....and do a dispersal draft and start completely over....sorry...I was only dreaming!!!

Training camp 2012 is likely, although if Boltus is given a shot at backup and actually can show them some progression, QP might be released in the off-season. The eye in the sky doesn't lie. Quinton Porter is what he is and what he is doesn't even get him to a whiff of Ken Hobart 2.0.

Oski Wee Wee,


Maybe there should also be a thread called For you who think Glenn is the answer…

X2, look at my off-season wishlist from this off-season.I believe #1 was trade Glenn for Ray, Glenn had the stats to back up the trade but even though Ray had on off year he's still 100000000x better than Glenn.It's been a few months but I repeat.Glenn's stats flatter him.He throws 2-3 "Almost" picks per game, and if the DB's didn't have butter fingers they wouldn't be almost picks.Glenn's way too hot and cold for this team.Next.

I think you mean luke warm and cold

Tired of this crap for far too long!

I stand corrected :thup:

Kevin Glenn is a second-tier QB. Good enough to win on a team that can block and tackle well. We can’t on a consistent basis, so what you see is what you get. When Cobourne is not a factor in the run game, we are a one-trick pony on offense and it reeks of glue. Coming back from behind has not been a forte of this team since maybe 2000. We are what we are and right now it isn’t pretty.

Oski Wee Wee,


Glenn has not been the problem the last 2 weeks. The guy had no protection no receivers getting open and receivers dropping catchable passes. When Avon is not even a factor and you totally give up on the run, that falls squarely on the coaching i.e., Marcel and Khari. On defense, Chamblin must go. All star players like Knowlton, Johnson, Williams and Baggs look below average and its because of these schemes. Time to call Greg Marshall to take over this defense because Chamblin is just not doing the job and his players aren't buying what he's trying to sell.

Agree. Our defensive schemes are awful. Baggs was brought in as a pass rusher. He seldom does.

I can’t even go on, I’m nauseated.

Oh...and Porter is terrible.

Why didn't Boltus get any time tonight?

THIS is the question, As soon as I saw Porter warming up.. I left. And i dont leave games early.

I was really hoping to see Boltus.

Due to the lack of entertainment on the field, I watched the sidelines quite a bit tonight. It seemed like Boltus spent a lot of time with Jones and Glenn whereas Porter didn't seem as interested. I suspect he knows his role and is content with it. If that is the case then let the next guy get some time in blow outs in order to assess what we've got.

Second tier or not, I still dont see Glenn as the problem with the team.. I still see lack of creativity on offensive playcalling and its so sad to see.

There are only 2 QB's I'd rather have over Glenn... AC and Ricky Ray... and that could mean Glenn is the 3rd best QB in the league, or Glenn is the 6th worst.. probably both... I see him behind AC and Ray, ..Durant or Burris would be a step sideways (IE put them on this team and it would be the same result...) Lulay may or may not be better than Glenn at one point, Buck is no better than Glenn and Toronto doesnt have a QB to compare to...

So we are going to ride out Glenn, there isnt any other choice... he showed last year he can put up MOP numbers and have great games.. but I dont understand why the offense isnt playing to his strengths.

I was always worried about our defense.. I dont like how theres been no improvement, even thought the problems are glaringly obvious.... How you could come out so flat after getting whopped last week is beyond me. We cant give the QB infinite time while at the same time being unable to cover receivers... Why is MK now a DB for some reason and Baggs is a LB? Why are we not using guys to their strengths?? IE getting to the freaking quarterback..... but I guess we dont need great pass rushers, since we send the whole team half the time anyways, someone's bound to get close (...or not)

But I thought our offense would be good enough to make up for the defense's shortcomings... not so much now with an under utilized stala and a bunch of rookie receivers, and an RB we dont know how to use... (and Thigpen who we dont use at all)

Still lots of season to go but how the hell do you get WORSE coming off that Montreal win....

What a distant DISTANT memory.

There have been way too many changes for this team to look so similar to last season... except for one constant....

This is seriously old news. Every couple of weeks for the last 3 years there's a Porter thread where all the same observations are made. It shows that the guy hasn't progressed in all this time. I think Marcel and Obie have invested so much time into him that they are having a hard time cutting him loose. They want a return on their investment.

And the peanut gallery gave a huge cheer when Porter came into the game. Short memories. I was surprised we didn't at least see Boltus in the last 3 or 4 minutes.