For What It Is Worth

After listening to the pre-season hype that this football team is a Grey Cup contender, then watching them get blown out in their first game against Saskatchewan and again lose the following week.

Getting the three wins in a row for a glimmer of hope of what this team is capable of accomplishing.

Now watching this debacle week in and week out; Poor plays, shoddy tackling, questionable coaching calls, poor defensive schemes etc etc.

I have come to the conclusion that.........



You've got a co-signer in me. The last 5 years I've supported this team, even when they were god awful I was there eh I could be. This year, I bought season tickets. What a mistake that's turned out to be. Outrageous concession prices, long lines, shit quality product, both at the concession and on the field. Next year it's TSN or nothing.