For what it is worth - Pro Bowl

My fav young QB (Herbert) wins offensive player. Gets an all-right from me :slight_smile:


The game wasn't even "rough touch" football.

A waste of time.

The league should discontinue it if the players don't want to put out.


I remember watching Doug Flutie play in the 1998 NFL Pro Bowl back when they played in Hawaii (player’s wives were basking in the sun while NFL staff ran around on the beach). Against that leisurely backdrop Doug actually TRIED to play.

Our plucky transplant from the CFL got top comedy marks from me for making an effort. :grin:

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Why can't we have our own All-Star Game? Put it on December in the Bahamas. Play at the Thomas Robinson Stadium in Nassau. It can fit a CFL field because the venue has an oval track. There is a College football bowl that plays annually on the island.

The players can play flag football with a running time or have a skills competition. The Bahamas is in the Atlantic time zone unlike the the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. The players can't say no to a free trip to the Bahamas. Mind you it is a working vacation though

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Personally they should just do a touch game, forget helmets and that and don’t try and pretend it’s real contact football.


I watched about 5 minutes of the Pro Bowl and the NHL all star game this past weekend. Saw a few players shooting pucks onto makeshift islands in the Bellagio fountains. Makes a soccer shootout for the World Cup title look non gimmicky. Was looking for PT Barnum. I then remembered that I hadn’t ever finished War and Peace and thought I’d tackle that relatively non boring task instead.


The only reason this exists is because it’s a tax-subsidized vacation for the players and the associated owners and coaches.

Most like the free paid trip to Hawai’i (or for various other businesses and media, Las Vegas in the spring or autumn or Florida in the spring), and as long as that’s the case I don’t see it changing though do agree it’s been a waste of time for decades now.


We’re already there. It was not tackle football.


The NFL Allstar game is equivalent to the greatest boxers in the country having a tickle fight .

The first minute is entertaining after that it's just weird .


It’s almost like paving the road for the NFL to just scrap the game itself and turn it into some NFL Fan Experience event so as to keep the tax deductions for a lavish vacation and then draw in even more tourism in the week between the NFL games.

And you know what? They would probably make more money that way and no doubt one of their media lackeys will find over-the-air time to televise an hour-long show of such crap.