For Us CFL Geeks With Good Eyesight

The Edmonton - B.C. game is being streamed online:

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Ive always had a great deal of respect for Ricky Ray and still cant understand the logic behind Tillman trading him. So I have to admit to hoping Jyles wets the bed so that Tillman gets to pay a price.

I just jack the laptop in the 60 inch plasma and its quite watchable :slight_smile:

Partly agree with you sheldon, partly disagree.

I as well have a lot of respect for Ricky Ray. I have a hard time of thinking of any other CFL QB more calm cool and collected. . . nothing ever rattles him. . . he must have icewater in his veins.

I can, however, understand Tillman trading him. . .what I can't understand is trading him for what he got. A draft pick plus a backup kicker and a QB who has failed to seize the starter's role when given the opportunity in three different cities? Pretty poor return I'd say for a QB of Ray's quality.

I certainly agree with the poor return Tillman got. But I cant understand why you would trade a fan favorite, still pretty decent QB when you dont have a proven replacement. At least Hufnagel had Tate when he traded Burris.