For Tommy Joe Coffey fans!

Here's the link to a CFL Fantasy League I created for fans of the great Tommy Joe Coffey:

Tommy Joe's Coffee Shop

Any and all Tommy Joe Coffey fans are welcome to join!



Mr. Everything both on and off the field and one tough cookie on the field

Coffey is my avatar and he wasmy favorite as a kid. But what is this exactly? I'm clueless.:pensive:

If you play CFL Fantasy, you're one of 8975 participants. That's a very large "League" in which to play. Therefore it's also possible to create sub-Leagues so that some smaller set of participants can compete against each other in a League of more reasonable size - anywhere from three participants to a few hundred. I've therefore created a League for fans of the legendary Tommy Joe Coffey. Just click on this link to register and join:

And yes, CFL Fantasy is fun! It keeps you invested in a game right down to the final down if you have any of the players on your own Fantasy team! It's "Throw the ball to Acklin, ^&$#%!" And with only nine teams it's not at all challenging to familiarize yourself with the starting players on every team and it only takes minutes to pick your seven position roster for the following week. How your players end up performing is another story of course.

:slightly_smiling_face: you also bet on games?



Hardcore Tiger-Cat fans as well as any other members of the proud fraternity of CFL fans are once again welcome to join the "Tommy Joe's Coffee Shop" Fantasy League for the 2022 campaign.

Tommy Joe's Coffee Shop


Hmmmm. Judging by participation in this Fantasy League I set up to honour Tommy Joe Coffey, he doesn't seem to have as deep a fan base among Tiger-Cat supporters as do Cookie Gilchrist, Angelo Mosca and Garney Henley.