For thouse of you who wanted to Cut Talman

For thouse of you who wanted to Cut Talman
I told you he was good ..:lol:
Offence Player of the game..

He had an AMAZING Game… was so good to see… hopefully he can keep it up and be a major contributor in our first W

yes i have to admit i wasnt looking forward to gardner gettign the start but he played great

Gardner was a surprise, although it would have been nice to see Maas throw to someone else. I am glad however that we have one receiver who can "officially" catch a football.

didn't he drop one too???????

You try catching a pass that close to ground..
bet you can't . it was a Bad pass not TG Fault

oh ya ...I'm the pro football player............I forgot!!!!!!!!!!!!

it wasn't that close to the ground!!!!!!

I wanted him cut, but you are right: he’s a player.

With Gardner and Ralph, I believe that we have two very good receivers.

I like Anderson, too, but he has to squeeze EVERY catch.

And the way he consistently doesn’t make the stats sheet after games, I think Curry could be pushed out of a starting receiver spot by McCants.

Curry has been nowhere. The man is invisible out there.

I thought Gardner played a great game and gave us clutch cathes all the way through. Obviously it's only been 1 game, but we could be on our way to developing our own star receiver, then picking up other team's also-rans.

Why do you feel it necessary to be a jerk? Funny thing about some of you people is that if he would have said something negative about the guy you'd have been all over it agreeing, but say something nice and you have to try to make him look stupid. That's is why a lot of people don't post here anymore.

Tom, you've always been a big fan of Talman and I must admit he looked great out there. Hopefully he can be the guy we've been missing in our receiving corps for the last few years.

I've been a fan of Talman since day one. I'm glad he played his butt off last night. Same with Ralph. And not every one of those drops were his fault. Some were bad passes, others were hurried and he wasnt aware, others he was in coverage. As someone who has played some reciever in minor leagues and high school, its quite difficult catching a bad pass or having it thrown at you with a db and an lb coming to kill you within nanoseconds; contrary to popular belief that it looks so easy.

It okay BG
This post justs shows he is classless
Frankly he can say what he Wants..
It don't mean much to me

I am Happy For Talman and the guys.
They worked Hard this game
We saw Some Baby Steps
Toward Becoming a Football Team.

I am Proud of All Them not just Talman.

Me too.

Talman does have the size....I can't wait to see McCants !!!!!!!!!!

Too many dropped passes from the whole reciever corps!!!!
But they are getting better.

I was happy even with the loss...thought it was a good game.