For those who like Sanchez!

Well I picked the Als to win tonight but I can tell you Sanchez is the dumbest, selfish player I have ever seen. The penalty and then the embarassment of Armstrong getting the touch was just pathetic. If the Als lose the goat horns will be hanging on his shoulders! :roll:

Me too Red. I also picked the Als and Sanchez is an idiot and should be taking the bus home while his team mates jet back.

Im sorry but IMO that was a ridiculous penalty. I agree it was a dumb thing to do by him but that type of thing is done buy every player on every play. Throwing a flag on that one was just nuts!

Well it looks like the Als are back in first place! Thanks to the Bombers! :lol: Pappa and Piggy you are closer to that box of crow cereal!

Who knows this could be the beginning of the Als running the table, save and except when they meet my Argos for the last game of the year and fight for first place.

Na.... it will be decided by then

The schedule favours my Argos. With four of the last five at home. Tomorrow with Calgary, then the home and home with Edmonton, and two more home games against Sask and the last of the year with the Als.
The Als have a home and home with the Riders, Edmonton at home and the Argos at the end.
The last game will decide it.

Ya they have a big advantace playing EE twice. Gonna be an exciting finish!

The joints should be rockin in both divisions as the races look great for first, right down.

There was very little difference in the taunting by Sanchez and the gestures by Copeland and Lewis of the Stamps. Isn't it interesting how different people look at things when it's another team doing it. Either way I agree it was a classless display.

At least Sanchez was spontaneous.

By Sanchez?

My point is how can one be called but not the other. Never mind the dances. Like I said you get what could be called taunting after almost every play. A receiver makes a good catch and spikes the ball. The QB is sacked and the D line thumps their chest and pose for the cameras.

By definition all of them are taunting. Some get called…some don’t.

That call was plain bogus and Sanchez made a huge play when he intercepted Glenn. Quit picking on the man. He’s doing a fair job.

And, by the way, he did not “let Armstrong make the TD”. He was in his shorts. But that Armstrong guy could be Stegall’s heir. He was awesome these last two games. The only two games he played this year if I am not mistaken.

Ya he has made some great catches

...there had to have been something the TSN camera crew didn't pick can't get a penalty for a one leg goosestep...oh well, in the end what did it matter?....

Well he did it 3 times....but still.

Oh hang on here! You like taunting now! Were you not the one that stated Calgary's receivers are taunting the other team by doing their celebrations. I see it is ok for Als players hmm! Ro I am suprised not you! Kanga straighten him out will you!

Argotom the Argos do not fair well against west teams this year!

Now red2005
Dont put words in my mouth. er! Text box!
I am not saying I like it. I am asking why is called for somethings and not others. You cant tell me that pretending to punt the ball is taunting while riding the endzone marker is not.

Its Dirty Sanchez last year in Montreal.

Look, Sanchez is a great corner, but has a bad temper and a history of taking bone-headed taunting / unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. It's part of who he is, and at this point in his career, he ain't changing. The call was just barely legitimate: I can see why they threw the flag, but players have done far worse things this year without reprisal. In any case, thank God it didn't cost us the game.