for those who complain about our guys in the booth

I have heard some pretty stupid comments from the NFL guys during todays 3 games.

Speaking of dumb comments by NFL guys, I'm reminded of a time when a couple of my roommates were watching an NFL game and one of the guys exclaimed "He caught the ball with his hands!" What else would he have caught it with?

(Okay, there are other ways to catch things...

but one wouldn't expect that to happen in a ball game).

Didn’t John Madden once say something like, “Now here’s a guy that when he runs, he goes faster” and, “Here’s a guy, that when he puts in his contacts, he can see better”.

your chest?

He did say some ridiculous stuff, but I still enjoyed his commentary. ...though I suspect I might be the only one. :lol:

I'm not a john madden fan but two quotes I'll never forget are:

  1. If a face could talk
  2. He lost it (the ball) in the shadow of his eye

Oh my god.

I don't think my chest could catch the ball without some help from other appendages, but point taken.

This wasn't a catch that could've been caught with the chest, though. It was hands or nothing, so in context, it sounded silly.

To be honest, I liked him too. But he still said some funny things lol

...worst NHL gaff was Peplinski:

"To score a goal in this league you gotta put the puck in the net"

Ryan Smith said the same thing once. I was watching Sportsnet with my grandma like 4 years ago when he was still with the Oilers. And dude is asked something like, "Your team has been having trouble scoring and as a result the Oilers have been losing games, what needs to change?" And he replies, "We need to put the puck in the net."

So simple, but true I guess.

...true, there is a karate-zen saying that goes 'in order to break the board you first must break the board'...

NFL broadcasts are pre scripted, so any player who gets in a replay is presented as a (demigod?) if thats the correct term.
Thats why IF i watch any NFL its with the sound OFF and my favorite tunes up loud.

There are some good NFL commentators. Al Michaels comes to mind. I like his commentary because he describes in detail the happenings on the field as they happen. He very clearly and concisely clears up any confusion that might come up during the game.

Having said that, I despise when game commentary amounts to spending 3 hours talking about how great all the players and coaches are without actually covering the game. This account usually describes every player to have a work ethic never seen before. Every TV personality seems to know what every player has for breakfast. ESPN's MNF and Fox's NFL coverage seem to be the worst for this.

John Madden…

this guy… he’s funny.

we always made fun of his commentary on his Madden Football games.

he once had a comment that was like so weird, it was about Boomer Esiason. it had nothing to do with the game at all and we both started laughing our asses off.

like huh?

Not sure which one is funnier to listen to, John Madden himself, or Frank Caliendo doing his Madden impersonation.

Hey, it's sports commentators, they don't need a prerequisite of having an honours degree in English. :wink:

And Danny Gallivan, a "candonnating" slapshot from Lapierre from the blueline. :smiley:

And a "Stupend US" save by Palmatierrrr

79 Q finals Habs 4 game sweep of the loafs :thdn:

and now back to the Grey Cup :thup: :stuck_out_tongue:

Al Michaels is the best one by far.

I definitely like Al Michaels. :thup:

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