For those supporting a coaching change...

I know there have been a lot of people drudging up support to fire Charlie Taaffe and his staff, and after watching the 3rd quarter of last nights game I was one of them, but I have a question to propose to you.

Who do you hire as a replacement?

Keep in mind that coaches like John Hufnagel don’t come around very often, by this I mean a coach with an NFL pedigree who can have a successful start to a CFL coaching career. And he played in the CFL, so really he had experience with the league and inherited a good team.

And also keep in mind that two years ago a lot of Hamilton fans demanded the team hire someone with CFL experience because U.S. collegiate coaches more often than not fail in the CFL.

So, who has some suggestions?

Mike Riley? Good luck prying him away from the NCAA, plus he hasn’t been in the league in decades.

A coordinator from another team?

Dave Ritchie?

I think you will find the coaching talent pool is rather shallow. But I am curious to hear your thoughts.

Oh and forum moderators, please delete any posts suggesting Ron Lancaster or the Western Mustang version of Greg Marshall.

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For this year..


It's the million dollar question paullywood; and it's not just the HC position, it's the coordinators and the rest of the staff.

Taaffe looks lost on the sidelines; Easley seems confused; Bellefeuille is, well, Bellefeuille, look at what Montreal fans were saying about him last year, and Saskatchewan fans the year before. Creehan? He ran what was one of the worst defences in the league last year and got fired for it.

So you can, as I just did, make a really good case for blowing up pretty much the entire coaching staff.

But who do you bring in mid way through a season?

I'll wait by my phone.................

How about Stubler as DC (assuming he gets fired from the blue team) and Danny Barrett as OC next season?

No to Barrett!!

Saskatchewan has barely lost since they got rid of him and couldn't win with him for years....

Well Paullywood,

I hear you. That`s why Obie should take his time in finding coaching replacements. However long it takes to find good quality coaching. They should hang on to Danny Mac.

He was also hampered by working for Shivvers. He was not a good HC, but I think he’d make a pretty good OC.


I gotta agree with just about everything you say there! the risk of raising your ire by even mentioning Greg Marshall,

I'll say this...

THIS WHOLE FIASCO STARTED WITH THE HIRING OF PAOPAO AND THE FIRING OF MARSHALL. (BTW...the hiring of PaoPao was precipitated by the leaving of our GM and replaced by another "interim GM" who shall remain nameless)

I can only wonder what our record would be today if those events didn't happen.

You asked for a coach with CFL playing experience?

You asked for a coach with CFL experience (hows a winning record with coach of the year tacked on after a 1-17 season?)

You asked for a coach who cares??? ...shows emotion?

You ask for consistency? What has happened since his firing?

We can't cry over spilled milk and bitching won't change anything...but I'm here to tell you that as a long time fan and a long time season ticket holder, it's frustrating to have to try to get people to use my tickets.

I'm a CFL fan first but what has happened to this team is a darn shame. (and I don't blame Bob Young in the least...he saved the team but got some bad advise when advised to back away from team operations and let Greg Marshall be fired)

The proof of that is in our record. :wink:

Dave Ritchie, or Greg season.
The staff is under contract and being paid to coach the team. Let them finish out.
Why have Obie coach??
Taffe will find employment at an American University.
A new coach would not turn this team around this season even if a good candidate was available.
One more year with Obie recruiting.....unfortunately one more 1st overall draft pick and lets geter done next year.
Sucks to say, but there are too many holes in this team.

Why give up with two thirds of the season remaining.....and a game or two out of it...?

A new coach would not turn this team around this season even if a good candidate was available.
why not? why leave a lame duck coach? obie can coach until he finds a replacement either right away or whenever he finds the guy. having a gm like obie on the sidelines coaching might help with personnel choices. Leaving taafe when he is dead in the water is a waste of time. Let obie take over now.

What He Said!

Everyone suggests Obie not even knowing if he's interested in coaching. He had his time as coach and the CFL and players have evolved since then. There is nothing that suggests Obie would be a good coach anymore.

not for long term, just till he gets his man.

What suggests Charlie will turn it around?

I never suggested that. I just don't agree with firing him with no other viable candidates out there.

How do you know there isnt a viable candidate out there?

The definition of insanity...

"Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results..."

Hmmm....I think I wrote that once or twice before ... ??

I don't agree with the firing of this time. This team is very close. The Cats almost beat the best of the west- Sask.... and were in the game last night and could have beat Montreal but some stupid penalties canceled any progress the team was making. I saw some very bright spots on the defence creating turn overs. I saw some amazing cathches on offence but the weak area that I am concerned with is special teams. These guys are making too many foolish mistakes...are running wrong routes and bunching up. These are the exact things that were happening last year. To me that is coaching. If anyone should be gone it should be Easley. I don't know who would replace him but the special teams were IMO the main cause of this loss.