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Football's more a test of adversity than a test of skill -- and that's how the Stamps will find out if they have what it takes to win without Hank


I know he's coming.

Chicken Little will be screaming, 'The sky is falling, the sky is falling!'

He will be on the sports talk shows, in the papers and on all the Internet blogs. He will spread his message of fear and uncertainty before there is any reason to believe him. Why is he so scared? Who knows? Maybe he has little faith.

It was late Friday night when Chicken Little felt the first chunk of sky hit his head.

Actually, it was the second chunk to hit him, but I will get to that later.

You see, late in the fourth quarter against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, our fearless leader Henry Burris was making a gutsy run to the sideline. As he dove to get out of bounds -- arms outstretched -- he was hit violently by Ticats linebacker Zeke Moreno.

The result of the hit pretty much snuffed out a game-tying drive and put our star QB out for an undetermined amount of time, as Henry lay on the turf with a separated shoulder.

Now, many will complain the hit was late and dirty. An argument could be had for one or both. Do I believe the hit was late? Yes. Do I believe there was intent to injure? No. The man was making a play out of desperation, and that sort of thing happens in such a violent sport. Do we all wish Hank would not have separated his shoulder and gone on to play another down? Of course we do, but such is not our luck.

So now we will listen to all the Chicken Littles out there predicting our season is over because obviously there is no one to fill in for Hank.

Or is there?

Henry does have a backup, and his name is Akili Smith. He is a pretty good quarterback that had a great pre-season. He proved he could handle it. Granted, that was way back in June, and the amount of live game snaps he's taken since then have been few and far between. But Akili has been around football for a while. He was a college star and former first-rounder in the NFL. And now we will get to see how he handles the duties as a No. 1 guy in the CFL.

It has been said the quarterback gets too much of praise when teams win and too much of the blame when they lose. Earlier I stated Mr. Little had been hit with a chunk of sky earlier in the year. It happened after a loss to the B.C. Lions. At that point, the sky was also falling as we heard everyone calling for Henry's head.

Maybe, when we were losing and playing poorly, everyone was playing poorly. Well, we stayed the course as everyone else panicked, and we were able to find ways to win. And now that we have had some success, maybe everyone around Hank has stepped up as well. Our only hope is that we can play well around Akili while he gets acclimated and that, in turn, can translate into victories.

We realize Henry was playing some of the best football of his career up to that fateful play Friday night. And it won't be the most seamless transition when Akili takes his first few snaps. But we believe he will settle into a comfort zone when he realizes he has a lot of weapons he can use to move the chains and that the pressure is on everyone's shoulders to win, not just his.

All the guys will rally around him, because that's what this game is all about. Football is more a test of your ability to deal with adversity than it is a test of any other ability you may possess. We will play with him and for him. For as long as he is 'The Man,' we will follow his lead.

Another thing that will be pointed out to us are the many failures among backups that get their chance to take the helm of a team. Admittedly, there are many horror stories. But those of us with faith look to some of the positive stories for inspiration in this trying time.

How about these players, Chicken Littles? Ricky Ray would still be driving a Frito Lay Truck had two guys ahead of him not gone down to injury. There would be no Buck Pierce, Jarious Jackson, or even Casey Printers for that matter if Dave Dickenson had not missed a few games. Had Anthony Cavillo not backed up Tracy Ham in Montreal for a few years after being run out of Hamilton, he too might be selling insurance in his hometown. Even Henry was third string to Doug Flutie and Jeff Garcia before he got his shot.

The point is that not all stories of backups are horror stories. So don't try to write it before it writes itself. Chicken Little has a loud voice, and many people will heed his message of doom and gloom. It is easier to dwell on the negative. Will that message be truth or hearsay? We don't know, and we don't care. We can go to work each day and let time reveal all truths to us. And if the sky does fall on our heads, at least we won't be running from it like chickens.

Yes the world is coming to an end!

By the way the CFL ruled on the hit on Burris and said it was a fair call. So if you wish to get a QB hit him out of bounds.

ON another note:

Bombers RB Charles Roberts set a career low with a 1.3-yard average over six carries against Toronto
I can just see Blink pouting now.

This guy knows what he is talking about.

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...both good articles....

...sounds like he's a little nervous bout losing Hank..... and so he should be.....pouting by Blink ////is this the same cal. media guy who said Charlie was worthless ...cuz he took the running title from Reynolds last about pouting :lol:

...psst, chevrier isn't a 'media guy', he's a stamps player papa, he just writes a blog once a week for the paper...

Well the guy is a total fool. He failed to mention that out of the all the teams in the league Calgary had three short turn around games that would also reflect their record. The other aspect I might add no matter who your opponent is you go out to win. A trick play why not the Stamps have had a history of not winning in Steel Town. This guy should write a comic strip.

Dad your senile those were my comments at the bottom.
My comment reflected the fact Blink cried when he did not get the ball and left the stadium pouting. Seems he will have more to pout about now. Joe who is leading now Blink! I dislike when a guy puts personal goals ahead of his team. Yup I want that guy on my team NOT!

Too bad that's not what he was quoted as saying after the game. But why let facts get in the way of good story.

...whoops the wrong guy....i think he was canned anyway ...the guy i;m referring to....and moved to another town.... :lol:

...I think the guy you were thinking of was the radio guy from CHQR77 who called Charlie a 'worthless puke'...I can't remember his name though, and good for that, the guy was a dork and I think was canned from the radio for his little tirade....

...geez...i thought you were that media guy , my son......i must be getting senile.... :lol: do you like this one....i prefer Blink over Reynolds anyday....and the reason ...cuz Charlies a winner....(see rushing title 06) :lol: :lol:

Well dad like I have said before and will say it again if personal goals are so important to that player vs winning the GC then Charlie is your man.

LOL, just when I thought you were going to grow out of your Bomber fettish, you dive back in!

Charlie has said many times that the ultimate goal is a championship. He has NEVER put personal goals ahead of that. It just so happens that if he gets his personal goals, we stand a very good chance of geeting that Championship. For example what happens when we don't use him? See last week!

Saying that his personal goals don't matter. I think you are just jealous that Roberts has beaten Reynolds 2 straight years for the rushing title (not just 2006 Poppa!). In fact since he has become our starter he has 3 tiltles and 2 second place finishes. That is why he is the best, he is not a one year wonder, he is right there EVERY YEAR.

I see your cbyer stocking! :lol: :lol: I enjoy discussing football with you. After all you make me laugh. I guess you have poor memory. Think back to last year when Blink was so upset he was found pouting out side the stadium because the coach was not giving him enough touchs at the time Reynolds surpased him for rushing. As far as Reynolds is concerned he has one thing in mind winning with his team. :lol: :lol:

How many players ask for the ball more?? Charlie knows what he is capable of, and almost every Bomber fan would agree. Get him the ball more, and we stand a very good chance at winning. Ever see the W/L stat for when Charlie runs for 100 plus yards? Your posts used to make me laugh too, but now I am sincerly sorry for you!

Your right many players do but their usually rookies and they do not sit out in the parking lot pouting.

So I guess that wasn't Reynolds two weeks ago was it ? When he went sulking to the coaches for more touchs or do I need to dig up the article for ya ?

Any player worth his salt wants the ball every play, thats just the way it is.

Well I have to tell you piggy that was not Reynolds doing. In fact it was the sports media printing in the papers and on TV asking the coaches why Reynolds was not getting the ball more often. He did not go crying to the coaches like Sir Charles. NO pouting for the Stamps just for Charley!
Piggy maybe you can answer this what was the big focal point prior to Labor Day! :roll:

Ofcourse that couldn’t happen anywhere else! Like Piggy said, if you are a competitor you want the ball more. Guess Reyolds is just happy with what he gets!

Exactly now your getting some smarts. I was wondering if it would happen and low and behold its there. Reyolds is a team man he is happy to contribute but team comes first. But for a grown man to out right pout in the parking lot is just sad.