For those of you who say ...

..."Maas isn't the problem .
How can a quarterback forget how to be a quarterback especially after having a 5000 yd season?"

I have just 3 words for you....

Van der jagt .

A very profound post, Geoffrey.

Except the 3 problems are

A poorly designed Offensive System
for Maas and his Offensive team-mates.

No QB coach to work with Jason
to get him to stop his negative self-talk
which is a result of the above situation

and the following one.

The lack of a Supportive Home crowd
which Jason was used to in Edmonton

A . thank you for spelling my name right.

B.Maas is professional ,and after playing 25 years as a quarterback should NOT have a problem ajusting. Cop-out if ever there was one.

C. Poor baby.

D. FULL support from a VERY excited crowd…weeks and weeks ago.

Sorry Ron.

Next response?

Quarterback at this level is much deeper than high school or college ball. Their schemes require adjustments all the time, and great quarterbacks everywhere have seasons that seem nearly impossible to adjust.

yes , but at every level they grow to be the top of their league. GROW as a player to become great at the next step.

To be honest I did not pay attention to his 5000 yd season , but it is very clear that he has not ajusted to a starting position.
To blame everyone but yourself for what has happened to the cats offence this year is lame.

I will never challenge his effort or determaination but he seems lost with or without PaoPao and it's ALSO obvious that his shoulder ( which was pointed out weeks and weeks ago) is weak...very weak and is not of $4000,000 quality.

If a quarterback can not adjust after playing 25 years , what makes him worth $400,000?

I dare anyone to support that?


Well then, Geoffrey do you think we should
get him booked on the Farm Report Show?

[click here]

no but perhaps he could be the new Crocodile Hunter.
He's had lots of rehearsing this year.

I'm guessing everyone is now in agreement , Maas is not a 5000 yd quaterback , not until he ATLEAST heals his arm.
Which most of you thought was not his problem but the offence.

geez . I'm surprised oski-oui-oui hasn't piped up yet.

So is it safe to say that a player can lose it even after throwing for 5000 yds 2 years ago.

It's funny. I started reading some old posts and alot of people were convinced it was PaoPao and not Jasons arm. "he has the tools" , etc...

It's a shame that perhaps a good coach lost his job because of someone elses problems.

I was a close follower of his 5000 yard season. Taped all the games and watched them all numerous times and analyzed them. He lost the first 3 games, and this was with a team he was already familiar with. As soon as the schemes started coming together the offense was completely transformed. He later broke the record for consecutive completions with 22 or 23 or something like that, and very few of those were easy dump passes. Just as he started slow that season and became excellent, I feel he will do that in Hamilton. It's just too bad it took a lot more than 3 games. Kudos to the new GM for wanting to observe him for the remainder of the season and THEN make a decision.

I've been waiting to hear from someone who has recently observed Maas in his Eskimo days.

May I ask, were his passes sharp or the lame ducks we've seen this year?

Or is it the new ball?


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

If I were to guess at a percentage, 85% were sharp and had LOTS of zip. 15% looked like wounded ducks. Those would typically be when he was getting hit while throwing the ball, or if he had to throw before getting a firm grip on the laces. The big difference I see between the 2 teams is the receiving core... or is it more accurate to say receiving corps. In Edmonton, the players MADE plays every game, thus giving Maas the confidence to thread the needle 20 yards downfield if the receiver was well covered. When he had confidence that his players would fight to make a play, it became HIS ballgame. That fight and determination to make plays is something I just don't see in you receivers.

You are correct.
Peterson is the worst.

What we need is just one receiver to make the tough catches. This would raise the level of everyone else as they followed his example. Right now we have the reverse. Lack of effort.

One thing I haven't seen mentioned by anyone is his tendency to fumble. In 2004, when he started for Edmonton, he led the league with 20 fumbles, and cost the Esks at least a couple of games that way. This year he has fumbled only five times (still tied for second-worst in the league behind Kerry Joseph's 11) but some of them have been very costly.

I think one thing that a lot of people aren’t thinking about either, because this offensive system wasn’t designed for Jason’s or any other of the offensive players specific skill set, is that a lot of the offense’s problems are exagerrated because of the that the players don’t fully trust it or believe in it. If you don’t believe that an offensive scheme can work, you are going to have a hell of a time executing it.

A good example would be the Washington Redskins. That team had a brutal pre-season trying to implement Al Saunders offense, but because of its reputation and pedigree, players like Mark Brunell trust it and put that much more effort in to make it work.

Paopao’s offense didn’t come with that sort of winning reputation and because of that I didn’t see that sort of dedication to it.

So maybe that is a theory as to why it has failed so miserably.

How many times has Maas underthrown or overthrown a receiver? Tons! Flick was wide open. Maas always seems to come up short on long passes. He's just not accurate. Is he injured? If so, don't risk further damage to his body or his team.

What Jason needs to build accuracy in the long passes is good, solid practice time to develop chemistry with the receivers. I have no idea how much practice time he gets just learning timing of receivers. Some quarterbacks, like Casey Printers, have the ability to adjust to new receiver's speed patterns very quickly, but those qb's usually lack in the disecting department. Maas is one of those who is able to disect but needs chemistry building time. Here in Edmonton, after practices, he and the receivers would run about 5 fire drills and once he developed this chemistry with them, the deep ball, especially to Hervey and Tucker, were basically automatic... but it took time to adjust. I get the feeling this chemistry building opportunity isn't there in Hamilton.

What about his arm though? Do his throws look normal or can you see a difference?

I was watching NFL Primetime on Monday night at 5 pm and they were showing highlights of the Colts , Giants game and they showed a bunch of long passes that both brothers made . I was amazed at the number of times the ball was thrown into coverage only to have the recievers from both teams come down with the ball . I know both Mannings are pretty good QBS but I was in awe of how hard those recievers worked to get the balls for them .

It just goes to show you how the recievers can make or break a game for even a name QB , how I wish Maas had someone like that to throw the ball too !!!!!