For Those of Us Who Do Not Know...

Who is Taffe, and why would he be a good fit as a Tiger-Cat head coach?

He did a good job with Montreal as "OC". He has been in Maryland since working for a University football team there. He is very well respected!

IT's Charlie TAAFFE

edit: I purposely said Good... "OC" would be great if he was to come in Now. He was "Coach of the Year" his first 2 years after his 2 years as "OC"! I don't know why he left! I think someone of his calibre would be great to get our "O" producing!

He was also head coach for a season or 2.

Here is a link to his Bio.The Bio is from 2005, and he resigned his position there in February of this year.

Briefly though, he coached Montreal in 1999 and 2000 following a two year stint there as OC. Both seasons had 12-6 seasons. In 1999 Montreal lost in the Eastern Final, in 2000 they lost in the Grey Cup. Both years he was named Coach of the Year in the CFL.

He left for the University of Maryland. One would assume money was involved in his decision.

Something lost in all of my campaigning for him is that he had really good teams in Montreal, better than what we currently have. So I dont know if hes the type to build rather than the type that can coach talent.

He is currently unemployed and in the US.

Hiring Charlie is a must.Something needs to be done about this offense and Charlie is the man to do it.Anything less will result in more dull football.He has the knowlegde and experience...something the last coach sorely lacked and we are paying for it now.

Thanx all for the info.

Lanky is right where he belongs. I remember to much him beating us. So bring in a guy like Marshall, who would have play RW.