For those needing tickets tonight and Nov 8

There is a Wagjag deal for the last two games.

You can buy 1 silver ticket for $25, or 1 gold ticket for $35.

I feel like a bit of an idiot buying a full price gold ticket now, oh well.

Hopefully here who doesn't have a ticket can find a way to come now.

And for anyone that needs 2 tickets to Hamilton at Ottawa on the 31st of October - let me now asap. I'm heading back down south for the winter and I can't use them. PM me

Last night, according to ticket master, I believe there were 5 tickets in total left.

weird. Scott Mitchel tweeted the game was sold out.

Normally tickets are only distributed to wag jag if they are having trouble moving tix and want sell a bunch at the last minute at a discount.

EDIT: I made an account and attempted purchasing the wag jag tix for tn. It says there are none available, not even singles

discounted wagjagTix are available for the final home game of the season however

what are you..80? lol

just kidding

I feel like it sometimes!! but I hate winter an I'm lucky enough to have retired young and can get away for 6 momths

According to the CFL site where the game is listed and it says "Buy Tickets" tHe Ticats/REDBLACKS game is SOLD OUT!
Cheer loudly and I'll do my best from afar! :rockin: :rockin: Make Hank feel like he is back in Regina - but don't let him have the lead like the Green team did in that last game! :lol: