For those Fans coming to Edmonton for Grey Cup..

So as you all know, I live here. I actually work like a half block from the area where the festivities are being held at Churchill Square. The preparations are already underway (with the blowing snow and cold).. and Churchill Sq is turning into a fun place.

I hope you guys will take in the Zip Line! that's supposed to be crazy. 80km+ speeds and 110yd distance! plus it is free!

We have our gigantic christmas tree up at the corner of 102a Ave and 99th st.

What they're doing with the Square in prep for the Grey Cup is amazing.. I will be posting pictures of the progress for people to look at.


...sounds awesome, with the amount of festivals and arts events held yearly in Edmonton I'm sure the city will know how to throw one helluva a Grey Cup party...

I'll be there. And I'm bringing my 2 buddies (who are Ti-cat fans) with me. I read about that zip line on the Grey Cup site and it looks sick! I'm gonna be all over that thing. I'm probably gonna check it out on Thursday because I got a feeling by the weekend the line ups will be insane. The tree sounds pretty sweet too. Wouldn't mind seeing some sneek-preview pics.

See ya there! I can't wait to, brrrrr, check it out! It'll be a blast I'm sure.

My sister, who works with ex-Eskie Hec Poitier, I think is getting me tickets to a Saturday afternoon fund-raiser that will feature something like 70 CFL alumni. That should be VERY cool :smiley: I can't wait to meet some of my long time heroes.

I'm also looking forward to Churchill Square!

I have a question about the Zip line.. where the heck is it? I cant picture where it would be.. Not that i will use it.. I am scared scared scared of height.. (I live in Edmonton too)

Checkout the Huddle Guide. Page 28/29

[url=] ... %20Guide/0[/url]

Can't wait to get there, weather the Alouettes are in or not.
Will be the 9th Grey Cup for me. 7th in a row.

I'll hit that zip line if it has a beer holder.

Unfortunately I won't be there but that zipline sounds neat. Maybe if Hamilton ever gets a new stadium and therefore a Grey Cup, we could do this from on top of our "mountain" here to downtown!

The Zip line idea has a better chance of happening than Hamilton ever hosting another Grey Cup. LOL.

If I was drunk enough to consider going on the zip line… Id probably be too drunk for them to let me on it…lol…
did I mention thats Im scared of heights… lol

BTW… Thanks Birdman for the information…

True Birdman but at least now come Dec. 1 we have a mayor who isn't obstructionistic in his outlook towards the TigerCats and what bringing Grey Cups to a city can mean ie both Calgary and Edmonton have indicated that a GC brings in some thereabouts of about $60 mill into the city. Someone who will work with the TigerCats on a location for a stadium rather than the current mayor who insisted strictly on one location, period. Well, he came in 3rd in the election and thank goodness for that. I'm looking forward to the day when the city of Hamilton can play host to our national championship proudly with a stadium deserving of it. No thanks to our current mayor who I hope I never see the likes again in the papers or local television or radio around here.

Sounds awesome. I look forward to the pics. :thup:

Well here are some Photos as promised…

[url=] ... =529197128[/url] - Zip Line [url=] ... =529197128[/url] - Tent Area [url=] ... =529197128[/url] - Railings and stuff [url=] ... =529197128[/url] - Heaters

let me know if that worked.

Thanks for posting those pics.

You planning on taking pics Grey Cup weekend? I'd love to see the finished product. :thup:

Yup, but with a much higher quality Camera too.

Awesome. I look forward to it. :smiley:

Hopefully it warms up a bit for next weekend.... its ccccooooolllllddd.. today.. at least it was when I came to work this morning.. I was born in the wrong country.. lol..

well, it's early? like 5 days away kinda early,?

but they did say possible -4 on Thursday Nov 25th.

Good... dont want to freeze.. lots of warm blankies and hot chocolate tho.. maybe with some baileys in it...