For those Brady haters.... you some background to a pretty hard working guy...

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I cannot wait for the Super Bowl... then once it's over we can all move on.

Seriously, the NFL needs to look into scrapping this two-week long layoff between the cofenence finals and the championship because I'm sick of the hype.

All week its been: the best QB's of all time... the best QB performances in the Super Bowl...

Let's just play the frickin' game already!

The two week layoff is just bush. It makes the game completely boring, I get pumped about seeing the playoffs on Saturday and Sunday and then all of the sudden it isn't on anymore. Then a week later it's like SURPRISE! we will play another game and by then I just do not care.

I like Brady for not only the way he plays but also seems modest for what he has done, when he's interviewed on the tube. He actually looks a bit shy to me and I can relate to that.

Yes, the 2 week layoff detracts from the game but it's about money, more time to sell more stuff related to the game, t-shirts, hats etc. It's all about the money.

Go Giants! :lol:

Im an Eagles fan and I want the Giants to win.... How sad is that?!

...see jman, thats when hate just takes over...I die-hard eagles fan cheering for the giants just because you hate the pats got it backwards, as an eagle fan you are expected to cheer for any team that beats the giants....

I think you both have it wrong.
I hate both the Pats and the Giants, so I am hoping their team buses crash into each other on the way to the stadium and they have to cancil the game.....

Go Stripes Go

Review! Review!

Not when it is the Patriots. Ive hated them since they beat the Rams. My grandpa is a huge St Louis fan, so yeah lol

I enjoyed watching the Pats this year. Now that they are in the Bowl, I really don't care if they win or lose. The Giants are a boring, weak team (i care not to explain).

It was supposed to be the Packers.

Go Packers GO!

It was supposed to be the Cowboys.

Don't mean to be an ass here, Red, but did you watch the game? All you have to do to stop Brady is get in his face. And that's what the Giants did all night long. Now hopefully people will stop parading him around as a God. :roll:

…the giants pass rush was relentless indeed…a good win by them…dont’ know who was parading him around like a god, he is a very decent qb whether you can admit that or not…if you can’t, well, then you’re an ass I guess…

I'm not saying he isn't a good QB, obviously he is. But if you've been following the majority of the coverage for the last... God knows how long... people have been parading him around like he's the greatest QB to ever grace the field. But he's really not. Like I said, all you have to do is get in his face. The first time you do, he's thrown right off his game. And the Giants proved that tonight. The guy is a great QB, no doubt, but let's stop with the ridiculous hype that he and the rest of the Patriots have been receiving.

...I think their hype was well deserved, but I'm a fan of theirs...I see your point though...

Oh, sure, they deserved some of the hype... they broke a lot of records. But I mean, people were handing them the trophy back in November when they hadn't even gone 16-0 yet. Congrats to them for setting so many records... but I mean, to call them the greatest team of all-time, like some were, I don't know... I mean, ESPN had a poll asking which team had the greatest dynasty... The 70's Steelers, the 80's 49s, the 90's Cowboys, or the 00's Patriots. I voted for the 49s, but more than 40% voted for the Patriots... :expressionless:

...flavour of the day I guess...the 49ers were a better team in their time....

That's exactly it, too. Most people remember what the Patriots have done. They don't know what the 49ers did. Too bad.

Great game, though. It was looking like it'd be sort of a flop until the final quarter.

You thought that was a great game?
Hmmm...I thought the first 55 minutes were a snore and the last 5 saved it.
Champagne is popping in New York and Miami tonight...

Anyway, the Pats won't be remembered for achieving perfection, they'll have to live with losing the Superbowl after going 18-0 and are as likely to be remembered for the fines for cheating 20 years from now as they will be for being 18-1.
At least that is how I'll remember them.
Definately, it is the hall of shame for them, not the hall of fame.

I give Eli Manning some props for a gutty drive to win the game, though he still s.ucks, and I see they gave him the MVPOAGWD Award.
How they avoided giving the MVP to a player on the Giants defence is beyond me...