For the second year in a row...Great Media Coverage.

I know Third and I marvelled about this last year, but out here in lotus land, I thought last years coverage was a fluke....but I was wrong. This mornings newspaper.....24 pages of CFL coverage! Thank you Vancouver Province!

Hey Third....Did you get the same coverage this year too?

thats not fair!!! LAst year I got to read that coverage in the Province, I rememebr the big spread. This year I’m not in BC, and here in Saskatoon we get limited coverage. I’m sure Regina’s is better, but still.

They gave the othe seven teams coverage too, so we all now know what all your secrets are! :wink:

in winnipeg, they have thier own pull-out section in the sun.

That's great Sportsmen, we all wish and can only hope here from the Center of the Universe that our CFL pre coverage will garner a fraction of those pages.

Yep..its called Home Turf..its about a 50 page pullout before evry bomber game giving a preview of the game, and talkin with players, and what not...its very very good..but for media coverage..i think the winnipeg free press is doin a way better job than the sun this year

Thats great that you have both papers on board in Winnipeg. Out here the Vancouver Sun gives you "Postage STamp size" coverage. The Province is much better. Seems to me if I remember both Calgary and Edmonton papers give their respective teams good coverage.....R&W...Supertoe...roughyfan...hows the media treating you guys?


Much to my surprise....what arrived wednesday??? ANother 20 page pull out with Player profiles, individual stories.... PINCH ME! This never happens out here in lotus land! 24 pages Tuesday and 20 pages Wednesday... I'm impressed!

About the Bombers... I have a hard time finding anything out about ANY other

Why is it that the regina leader post sucks so much then!, we get little to no coverage on CFL, only important stories and maybe a page or 2 on game day. Our local paper is more concerned with hockey, i swear to god it makes me sick