For the sake of Bomber and Rider fans :)

OKay thats get this over with. Yes the Stamps played crappy and lost to a team that deserved to win. Yes Burris is injured and joy will come to the land of the priders and the bomber fans. With these comments I found that at best they are humorous at best. Thanks guys keep reminding me I would hate to forget. :lol: :lol:

The thing is, if you wouldn't jump on a team and their fans after a disappointing loss, you wouldn't get that flack back.

BTW: did you know that Burris is hurt? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Blue just maybe some of your fans should not gloat for one. For the other you must realize opposing fans are not going to be saying oh poor bombers they lost. The bombers stunk today. Be honest can you say your team played its best game. Right. As far as my team losing to Hamilton thats fine I can accept that fact. That is why I post congrats to the Tiger cats unlike bomber fans. Also yes I know Burris is injured but keep reminding me. :lol:

Okay one more time so I do not forget.

redwhite2005, why did you start this tread and why did you bump it?

Well it seems everytime I post my opinion to certain rider fans and bomber fans they remind me of this fact so I wish to honor them. And say thank you.
Yes my opinion may not be agreed with that is fine I am showing to them the fact that my team lost to the Tiger cats does not bother me. And the fact that Burris is injured is a just that a fact. Life goes on and I am looking forward to see how my team reacts. Other then that I would hope these individuals would actually put it in their signatures. I am inviting them to do so please do not disappoint me.
Thanks for asking.

I am a Bomber fan and I have never "rubbed in" the fact that you lost to the TiCats and that Burris got hurt. In fact, when Burris got hurt, I was sympathetic, because the same thing could easily happen to the Bombers. So please do not paint us all with such a wide brush.

But again, I do not see the point of this thread, unless it's meant to "ruffle feathers".

I am some what new here, so maybe I am missing something. Is it just to encourage some friendly banter?

If that is the case.....I am surprised that you don't care that the Stamps lost to the TiCats.

Well no as you will find that I have friendly battles with some old time friend from the riders and bombers. The problem is some of the juvies on here can not take losing to lightly or an opinion that may not support theirs. I do not paint everyone with the same brush. There are many good rider fans and bombers fans. But then there are the ones I just mentioned. DO I care that we lost. Yes but really the game is over no use worrying about it I accept they have lost. I also accept the fact we may go with out Burris for the rest the season. It is out of my control. Therefore no it does not bother me one bit. You will find that if my team played crappy I will be the first to admit it. I nfact check out halfthe distances post. Talk about a loser. These are the guys that like to rib you but can not take it. I can I am inviting those types of fans to go for it. Since friday I can not count the number of times thes e jokers have mentioned it so I am helping them out.
I look forward to se how my team responds to this. After all it is only a football game.

Well BURRIS & GLEN are starting to play like we no they can this week. Sask got very lucky in draftingQB from ottawa.Best in league right now. sure nfl has noticed Joesph

Hmmm what the heck did you just say? Someone want to show this drunk outta here. I have never seen a poster slur his words before this is to funny. Let me take a stab at it Burris is great and he was playing well and he is better then Glenn. Is this what you were attempting to say. :lol:

I really hope this is a joke, or as 05 said, this guys drunk. hehehe. maybe he's just baiting us.

Well bigU I have never seen someone slur their post before it is funny that is for sure.

I think 2005, was just dropping by to take his lumps. He dishes it out and receives it well for most parts.

Sorry to see Calgary lose Burris. I was (and still am) looking forward to the Stamps visit to BC Place on Saturday. I wanted to see a Burris VS Pierce matchup. Oh well, I'll settle for Jackson Vs Smith instead.

I think the vast majority of people don't like to see anyone injured.

I think sometimes you take the opposite viewpoint of Riders fans just for the sake of an argument though :slight_smile:

Dust just because I do not agree with someones opinion does not mean I am looking for adverse reactions. If you think that way well then Miketh and Arius move over here comes another cheer leader.

I have a question for you, 05. Do you think Akili Smith is ready to start, and what kind of game do you think he will have in BC this coming week?

Well If he performs like he did in TC he will do not bad. But I will not expect mircles. He will be pushed with Sankey now in camp so he needs to show his stuff this game. Sankey was groomed as well by Cortez and knows the offense just needs reps. I guess right now its anyones guess. He does have a good arm but the Canadian game factor is the one you can not figure into it. Thanks for asking. I guess many rider fans will be cheering on the Red and White if they wish to catch BC.

And why shouldn't our fans do some gloating? Even after this loss, we still have the second best record in the league, and a promising team.

Well you see what goes around comes around. Your next loss be prepared to eat what you gloat right!

Okay last call! My rider bashing has hit my limit. But the Bombers still have some credit left!