For the Lady-Tigeresses Post-game reactions reveal more.

I was just watching some of the post game reactions and I have to say I was seeing a little more of my Ticats then I needed too. Between underwear shot and near towel drops, my wife loved them. Carly must have been having a blast with all the guys running around
Well ladies enjoy, as my wife says, you "think the fireman's calender is hot! Who'd the brunette guy who just about lost his towel? He's worth going to the games to see!"
Please take this as a good humoured thread and not one that's complaining. They were in tight quarters filming the post games and they did the best they could. I wonder if the guys in the background knew they were on

I saw that in the Kevin Glenn post game interview. It was Adam Tafralis.

lol...for the record my wife said "who's the brunette", not "who'd the bru..."... just needed to :oops:

That was a little too much. Give the guys a chance to get out of the shower first, before you get your cameras in there. I know it's a locker room and once in a while it happens where someone will get caught showing too much but that looked like a movie scene designed for female voyeurs. I'm not a prude but, when a guy has to walk towards the camera, right into a tightly framed shot, in nothing but a towel that's a bit much. It's rather tasteless, actually.