For the Ladies!

For female CFL fans....since the guys get to vote for the cutest cheerleaders, let's vote on the hottest QB!

My vote goes to Nealon Greene....he's AWESOME!!!!!. Honorable mention to Ricky Ray (although his hair is pretty brutal).

What do you think?

Neelon Green is pretty hot..... he's the only reason i'm cheering for the Rider except when they play againt Montréal

honorable mention

*Sylvain Girard....Montréal
*Casey Printer.....B.C.
*Micheal O'shea....Toronto

for now that all i can think.. but there is so many

Casey Printers gets my vote every time! Oh baby, he is a hottie! The bonus is he can play too.

Ok girls... Now, who likes Paul Archer?...

I dunno T&T. He looks like he's got a bit of a Buckwheat thing going on with that hairstyle.