For the Ladies!

For female CFL fans.....since the guys get to vote on the cutest cheerleaders, let's vote on the hottest QB!

My vote definitely goes to Nealon Greene....he rocks! And honorable mention to Ricky Ray (except his hair is kinda brutal)......What do you think?

I totally agree with you. I think Nealon is fine,he has awesome eyes.But he isn't the only one on the rider's team that is good lookin'.There is alot of hotties that play for the Roughrider's. I'm more into watching the game than into seeing which players are sexier,but it is nice to know that you can check out their back side once in awhile if you want to.LOL. Like you said if the guys can check the cheerleaders out then they shouldnt complain when we check the players out.
Anyway nothing is sexier than a sweated up football player wearing green!!!!! :mrgreen:
Go Riders Go

LOL.....I coudln't have said it better myself! We are lucky, lucky women, with so many delicious reasons to enjoy our team..... :wink:

NEALON GREENE IS DAMN HOT! soooo soooo hott!!!but hes like the only good looking qb for me, so i think we should put whoever we think is hot! btw, i think tom canada has beautiful hair! LOL

Nealon Greene and Chris Szarka.....

Ricky Ray would be cute if he never had to take his helmet off....

kirsten- i think gordon's gonna be jealous seeing you drooling over other men. and he has only been gone half a year. :slight_smile:

Corey Holmes Is My #1 Guy On The Riders. He Is Just SOOOOOOOOO SEXY and Small Just Adorable

haha blackdale, nono gordons always gonna be my hottie! :wink: hehe

now guys can't give ladies heck cuz they think we can't 'talk' about football.. this is way better than "this guy has this many catches ran this many yards blah blah"... i like talkin bout football don't get me wrong but not ALL THE TIME! hehe hot guys are way better!! hot guys in spandex and shoulder pads even better...

I think Nealon is cool and all but if you put on the yellow jacket, red nose and big shoes without his hair net and who do we have???

Ronald McDonald :slight_smile: