For the Esks Fans who say the Riders are decimated, look...

Why don't you look in the mirror first!

I think you'd see that the Eskimos situation is just as bad, if not worse than what the Riders are facing!

The Eskimos lost a lot of vets on the Defense.. they lost 2 of their Big Receivers.. a Backup QB, they changed their D-Line and Linebackers..

I believe that the Eskimo Fans should truly look at their own issues instead of saying how the Riders have problems!

yea we may have some problems, we do have a new Head Coach.. but we really aren't as bad as you claim!

We gained in many areas, we got younger and we also got a few really nice bodies to replace some aging ones.

the Esks have 2 receivers that are good.. (Tucker and Gaylor!) but the others aren't proven... Peterson is known to have stone hands a lot of the time!

They've got a lot of questions on the D

You look kind of hypocritical here. You are saying that some, not all, Esks fans should quit being asses towards the Riders and us, the fans. But then what do you do? You go and bash their team...

don't bash the Eskies: we'll be less likely to show you mercy when the Riders' asses are scattered all over Commonwealth in July

.....for the record, cflisthebest is not representative of most Rider fans.....

then what is? perhaps the Riders' record?

You have no idea what jm02 said, do you?

Nope....looks like he missed it completely.

it was a joke, not an insight

ah.....well in that wasn't funny.

ah… well in that case… ur too sensitive to take a joke about your team

I dont know about that.
Why not tell a joke and see what happens

Oh I can see this thread getting locked!

There are a tonne of question marks on the Esks this year. I'm hoping they do well because frankly, hope is about all they have so far. I love 'em but they have a huge hill to climb. This year will show if they will actually play for Alvin or not.

A good example of what, well who, cflisthebest was talking about is Weirdo87 is one of the eskimo fans who are more about hating other people than loving their team. rpaege, on the other hand, actually loves his team, and doesnt bash other teams.

There's no need to bash the Esks this year.. everytime an Esks fan says "Riders Suck!" I say back, "Who missed the playoffs ???"

how are they able to come back to that one? haha

Why do you need to bash a team that missed the playoffs.. that's bad enough for them! :smiley:

Well you two if the eskie fans attack you two would probably be the reason right. I hope you guys can take it. If you hand it out expect it back.

We need to remember that we did not "lose" a lot of players on defence. We "replaced" a lot of players. There is a difference. It was done to rebuild and improve the team. There are question marks for sure, but after last season it was necessary. Tell me, cflsthebest. If you were the gm here how would you approach it?

As far as missing the playoffs go, yeah we missed them last year. We've won two grey cups in the last five years. How do you come back to that one? haha.


Hypocrite. Go back to your first post and look what you tried to do.

The Esks may have a few holes in their defence, but so did the Colts, and they still won the Super Bowl. I'll wait to see what happens.

The Colts had Peyton Manning. What a dumb comparison.