For the CFL gamblers (like myself)

Games this weekend according to sports select (check out the home page)

point spread -
BC -5.5. I say take that. BC will easily cover.
montreal-6.5. They will win, but they need a converted touchdown to cover. im taking winnipeg to beat the spread.
Calgary-5.5 thats a good bet. i think calgary can win by two field goals.
hamilton -4.5. this is the dark horse bet. but im taking toronto to beat the spread.

the over/under for tonights games is 49.5 and 50.5. Not very nice numbers. but im taking the under on both games. i hate the O/U.

a sweet proline ticket this weekend- take all ties. that a game decided by less then four. a five dollar bet would give you some nice cash on all four. i would never put down more then 5 bux on 4 ties. but if it ever pays, hello!!!

The props is awesome this week. if you made your bet on time, and knew J.R. was out, the ticket still has cates vs. renyolds.

any ways, just though i would give a twist to people wanting to make this weekends games more meaningful.

I would like to see sports select do a CFL specific ticket. you have to bet all four games. could be fun.