At one game there was a man in a wheel chair who took 15 minutes to get down the ramp to go to the washroom. I met him just outside and helped him in and then helped him back to his seat. where was the help for him. How imbarasing for him if he didnt get there in time.
So the tiger cats have to supply nursing care to fans that obviously shouldn't be there without a one to one caregiver. your post is such a joke.

Isnt the job of the attendant to look after people. not just the able but the disable as well. Maybe stop the hard of hearing. Then the sight challenged. the the people who are left handed, then the none white, then the drunks, then have an IQ test to see if they should be admitted. And anyone who has these things would have to by 2 tickets to watch a game.
Dont get into the nursing or social profession when you grow up

Dont get into the nursing or social profession when you grow up
Thats really funny vdjjj, cause im speaking from experience. I am a nurse and I look after the elderly, many of them in wheel chairs. My employer has several trips to tiger cats games for the residents and they are never sent alone. I also dont believe it be the attendant's job to help all the disabled but im not certain of that. I am quite certain that if that man needed assistance in the washroom Ivor Wynne staff would probably tell him to call his the debate begins!

Sounds like you have better staff on your side, Ron. Earlier this season I watched a Special Events Staff watch as two guys egged each other on, doing nothing but lean against the rail as the two started duking it out..

The P.A. announcer would be tolerated if we were winning more games.
Easy to be in a pi$$y mood when the home team is usually getting smoked.
The P.A. guy is a major homer, and with a few more home wins his work would be OK.

No it wouldnt . A few more wins would be directly due to better playing.
Better playing would result in more times for Jason notFARRenoughaway to annoy us ..........

Now as far as this thread goes im just
"gannaaaaaaa Setta and forgettaaaaaaaaaa"

change the anouncers MO slightly.

Hire a drum corps. a loud one, double snares, and hard felt mallets for the bass. or just get someone to smash a giant metal drum with a 10lbs sledge, mic that up and play it over the p.a.

sweet. maybe a bit more atmosphere - since they decided to go with the hammer and anvil theme.


I will down a "cool and refreshing Beveridge" when Jason is finally de-miked. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


I will down a "cool and refreshing Beveridge" when Jason is finally de-miked. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

There have been many threads the last few years about this very annoying PA announcer. I am unable to make all the games but I found one constant in it all.
Jason Farr ruins the game experience for fans at the game.......Jason Farr ruins the game experience for fans watching at home on tv.......Jason Farr ruins the game experience for fans listening in on the radio. I feel bad for anyone living in the area of the stadium, loud fans and cheering are expected, this blowhard is not. Why they allow it to continue is a mystery, must be under a long term contract or something.

Obviously these guys weren't suited for the job, Pseudo.

However, as volunteers, their job is to call the police first,
them make themselves present at the scene of the fight.

Somebody should have told those two guys
to call the police on their walkie talkies.

Nothing but good times in Section 25.

Well said Beet.I recall sitting there at the final game listening to this blowhard thinking i dont know if i can sit through another season of this.. bad football is one thing but he's worse than fingernails on a chalkboard.i had to leave the game early,get home swith on the tv and there it is again,he's louder than the tv guys. Please Bob.pretty please. i cant take it any more!

Now that's funny!

How about, "give me Jason Clermont for ... a rumbling, bumbling, stumbling, LLLLLLLUUUUUMMMMMMEEEEEERRRRRRRRR! And a first round pick."

Of course he would call back to remind BC of the offer every five minutes, just like the last game's "Players want to talk to you" agony.

Please, don't pretend that it is coffee that is served at the stadium. It tastes like, well, better not say.
Please, some decent coffee would be great to have, even average would suffice.

To the original poster:

You can't complain about the amount of drunks in the stadium and then complain about the temperature and quality of the beer. It just seems like a bit of an oxymoron. I know it isn't completely, but you get what I am saying?

And secondly, have you ever been to another professional football game or sporting event at a stadium in Canada or the United States?

In the grand scheme of things, the food prices are relatively fair and the quality is comparable to any that I've experienced given the size and age of the stadium. You could always eat before you come in to the stadium, I mean, a game only lasts 3 hours right?

If I have learned anything from this forum is that the Tiger-Cats staff will never be able to satisfy everyone's complaints because the list seems to be endless!

This is football people! Fans are going to be loud and obnoxious at times! It's all a part of the atmosphere.

But that is just one guys opinion. To each his own I suppose ...

  • paul