How about cutting down on the amount of drunks and the uneducated who only know one verb..The prices of food. The beer isnt cold enough. The beer that goes down the back of your neck. Maybe some of the reasons people dont bring there families. You sure cant go downstairs if you dont want your kid to watch this behaviour. Ive talked to many people and these are some of the reasons they will not go to the games. Police are there but i never see them doing anything until someone get way out of hand. I believe these things should not be tolerated.
At one game there was a man in a wheel chair who took 15 minutes to get down the ramp to go to the washroom. I met him just outside and helped him in and then helped him back to his seat. where was the help for him. How imbarasing for him if he didnt get there in time.
And one of the most important things. GET RID OF THAT STADIUM ANNOUNCER. what an annoying person

People should try to watch their language in public...Unfortunately most people don't...The truth is that type of language is everywhere the only way to avoid it is to stay home....

UNfortunatly that is what happens

And one of the most important things. GET RID OF THAT STADIUM ANNOUNCER. what an annoying person
Boy, I will go along with that statement wholeheartedly !!! He's got to be the most annoying PA announcer I have ever had the displeasure of having to listen to !!!!!!!

Sitting in a classy section like Box J I never drink during a game but behind lurk the Box J Boys who are models for the team and they are always drunk and stinking!

Beer is good.

Re PA -During the CBC strike the Edmonton P.A was very professional, and proved the GAME is the Entertainment NOT the PA or the Broadcasters.

this type of behavior is why i stopped bringing my children when they were young .... we then got into the habit of watching on tv

it was an easy transition, and now that they are older and the play of the team, it is an easy decision to purchase pizza and wings, or chinese food, or something else and sit in the comfort of our living room.

the first thing i did when i completed school and started working was purchase a stereo and ticat season tickets ... it was a must

the ownership issues over the years, the poor attitude of many employees soured me on the entire "game day" experience as a regular attendee from the 60's up until about the mid 90's ... it was difficult to give up

i applaud mr young for his attempts to bring stability to the ownership, and we did attend a few games early in the greg marshall days ... the performance of the team has not been enough to make us decide to be regular attendees again .. with multiple children in post secondary education the performance of the team is not at the point where we will put discretionary income towards tickets

many will say we're not real fans, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but at the end of the day ... long term stability will only be reached when they offer a product that will entice people like me to at least attend a handful of games each year ... which i would gladly do if i had any confidence of a decent matchup, which the odds the last few years have been slightly slanted to the negative side

bob said if i don't buy tickets it's the team's fault for not providing a product that entices me to spend ... that is correct, and the last couple of years i prefer egg rolls and the tv ... if there are issues with drunks at the games, then my purchases will end after 1 game ...

Yes Please!! Get rid of that guy.

Put me down as wanting a new PA announcer too.

He consistently makes me, and the people I come to the game with, cringe.

He jolts you right out of the gameday experience. He diminishes it for us.

Not here. I've been taking my kids, who are teenangers now, for about 11 years, and drunks have never been an issue for us.

I've been going to games since the early seventies and have never had better gameday experiences than what I've had during the Bob Young era. It's just such a good time.

Yes... eliminate Farr.

It sounds like an industrial vacuum system every time he opens his mouth... His job is to summarize the play not get obnoxiously excited about it.

re-during the Bob Young era. It's just such a good time.

ill second that motion

Naw, they should promote him to gm.

Problem with staying home to get away from that obnoxious P.A announcer is that he also ruins the TV broadcast! Ive never known a p.a guy to yell overtop of the play by play and colour guys but he manages to drown them right out at times, horrible.


This post actually made me laugh out loud. Nothing better than some good sarcasm. :slight_smile:

Hang in there Bob, your the best pal.

This was never to knock Mr. Young. I think he too is a great owner. This was just to show a few observations.

I never see anyone getting out of line
in any way in Section 6 North Side.

I see several police present
at the top or bottom of Sec 6

and many Special Events Staff

standing on guard ready to help.

If they don't see something
that is causing you a problem


Well he would be good on the phone with other gm's.

'give me Milt Stegal for Jo Jo Walker now!!!!! First down tigerrrr caaaatttts!!!'