For Sportsmen...

With all the Free Agents available, How about a Team in Yellow Knife!

lol...And of course Im not serious... :roll:

PS: This is 1oooth post... yay... :roll:

…I’M NOT SPORTY …but congrats on the posts…how about a franchise in Anchorage…orrrrrrrrr …maybe Ottawa… :lol: :lol:

Maybe the Bombers could move to Yellowkinfe so they could have a warmer place to play. :lol:

....yeah but i think the mosquitos are worse up there.....warmer yes...might have to look at it... :wink: :lol:

:lol: ...good one!

There's the name for the team. The Yellowknife Mosquitos. It wouldn't be too bad for the players and the fans could wear clothes so they wouldn't get bitten.

But it would be tough on the cheerleaders.

Gee, a post in my name... :cry: :cry: Expansion no less :cry: :cry:

Although with those free agents, the Yellowknife team will probably win the Grey Cup before the Riders will! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Sorry Jman, couldn't resist the dig back!

Congrats on 1000.

All I can say (although I cant say that I have ever said this) is:

Touche... lol

Yea i saw you post something about waiting to see a post about a team expanding to Yellowknife followed by some of these: :roll: :roll:. So I figured I would help you out lol.

And yea, gotta love having a post named after you. Just ask me and Sambo!