for sale !!!!!

4 tickets in Section 8
great over view of the clowns in box ahead of you !!!!

I couldn't give these away :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: could give them away....I'll take them.

So will I.
I have posted some critical comments after last nights game but I really do believe the Caretaker will eventually provide us with a tough new coach and a very competitive team.
Its just going to take longer than we thought. Looks like the 5 year plan will take 5 years just to get started when it comes to the on-field stuff.
As Winston Churchill said: "never never never never never give up".
That goes for the fans and the players. So keep your tickets.

Last night was a "come to jesus" game.
Here's the scenario.
My mother drives from Hamilton to Whitby to watch the grand kids so we can drive from Whitby to Hamilton as (painfully)seasons ticket holders. We leave at 3:00 only to spend 2Hr's, 45min's stuck in Friday night traffic & jumped on the 407 to get there in time. Got to the game and socialized a bit.....then watched a complete and utter disaster.
All things said, I was thinking about submitting an invoice to the Ticat organization / team to show them what "their" fans do to get to the game and to show up and the costs........I figure my wife and I could put on a better performance on the field as we make things happen and do what needs to get the job done....what's the team doing?

i guess i'm either a glutton for punishment or a real die hard. but no matter what i'd never stop supporting my team.

No,your just a real fan.

As a fan for quite a few years and FINALLY got season tickets this year it is really tough to watch this team with so much talent struggle but I think of the last 20 or so years when there was lucky to be 18,000 at a game except Labour Day Classic. Now with Bob at the helm and 27,000 seem to be faithful at every game now, we should support them as much as possible !!! What goes around comes around, we have to carry the tradition of winning the Cup every decade !!!! GO CATS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reading the title of this thread I thought it referred to something else other than game tickets. bob is now known as Caretaker because he considers us, the fans, to be the true owners of the team. Hence I thought the title referred to the sale of your share (1/27,000?) of the team.

I too was there last night and witnessed the horrible display, that was billed as a "football game". I too am totally disgusted with the resulting demolition of my team. I admit to having left after 3 quarters when it became apparent that my team had a snowballs chance in coming back. Having said all of this, I guess I am still a fan and am unwilling (at any price) to put my share of the team up for sale. Call me a masochist or whatever, but I was weaned on the Tabbies and I'll be darned (whoops, almost swore) if I'll be anything else until my dying day.


Posts of the year.

Honourable mention goes to "Mikefromthehammer"

Real fans dont sell there tickets because their team is losing.Real fans sit through thick and thin.

i sat threw it all since day one, and its oh so tough to watch

Do you ever get the feeling all the "I'm not renewing my seasons tickets" threats are not from season ticket holders?