For Sale- One Coaching Staff CHEAP!

Charlie Taaffe- Head Coach
Marcel Bellefeuille - Offensive Coordinator
Denny Creehan - Defensive Coordinator
Dave Easley - Special Teams

This unit would make a great 'beater'. Comes with instruction manual (never opened). Will trade for used birdcage linings or a genuine football playbook.
Call any fan in Hamilton.

...sorry, wouldn't pass our out-of-province inspection process...

Bombers might be interested......

All Ham has to do is get rid of Bellfeuile. Hell they could leave the spot open and have better play calling.

Maybe BC could use Bellefeuille for OC.. at least he wont have his playbook stolen!.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :twisted:

Bite your tongue Sambo.

I'm working at getting rid of Chapedalaine.

Bellefeuille is possibley the worst coach in any position on any team. He should go back the the CIS where he had some success with the Ottawa GeeGee's.

The Tabbie's would be better off just running lumsden on Draw plays than anything Belle-fool would call in.

The day he left sask was almost as good as the day we won the 07 GC

…now why would we be interested in those dufuses…after all…based on our win against the Cats …i believe we’re ahead in the standings… :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'll give you a scratched up burned cd that I use as a coaster and a promotion notepad that I received at a job fair for the best candidate to go get me coffee or lunch while I'm at work.

Let me know!

I would hire Beullefeille to get me lunch, but I'm afraid he get me the same thing day after day after day.....

the sad part is that high school teams in states have a more experienced and accompished coaching staffs than the wal-mart group in steeltown.

"What's for lunch today Marcel?"


"Ham and Cheese sandwich... again!?"


Hamilton's offence is much better this year than it was last year. How much of a factor Bellefeuille (sp?) was in that improvement I don't really know. But I'd much rather watch this team than the one we fielded last year with Barresi calling the plays.

I don't think Barresi was the main problem last year. You didn't have the personnel, Maas was beyond dreadful, Printers only arrived midway through the season and had no chance to learn the playbook besides being rusty from his NFL inactivity, and Lumsden was hurt for most of the season.

Sure, the offense has improved this year, but that's because of the personnel and less penalties. Bellefeuille has little if anything to do with it IMO. And in the clutch, your offense comes up short because of Bellefeuille. Most of the third and fourth quarters last weekend, the offense was going two and out while the defense was performing somewhat credibly. I saw no motion, no creativity, no quick-passing game. Just a steady diet of Printers on a five-step drop, vainly waiting for receivers to get open, while Jonta Woodard was beaten on play after play and Printers was either hurried, sacked, or forced to throw the ball away. If this happens once or twice, fine. However, if it happens over and over again, it means your O.C.'s playbook is crap and he can't make in-game adjustments.

DnP pretty much hit the nail on the head albeit in the mongest possible way anyone could swing a metaphorical hammer :stuck_out_tongue:

Bellefieulle does not adjust his game plan at all once the game starts or once the season starts im not sure, it's hard to tell. I would think most defensive coordinators have their jobs because they are able to figure out a way to stop 4 plays. Bellefieulle has no surprises and no variety every time he leaves a team that team shows massive improvements on offense almost immediately he's 2 for 2 in that department. He has no variety, no surprises and no tricks in his playbook and among people whos jobs are visible to the public probably has the least of an explanation as to how he is able to hold on to his job. Anyone else that is that bad at their job usually ends up unemployed at best except him for some reason

I thought Printers called his own plays in the last game. No?


Printers never called his own plays. I think you're referring to the interview he gave TSN where he said he had more confidence now to create something on his own if the called play wasn't working. That doesn't mean he calls his own plays, which no QB in the CFL except Kevin Glenn does at the moment. It is a very tough job. It's not just the plays, it's the play package for each down, the personnel, the blocking schemes, etc.

What I'm looking for next game is for Hamilton's receiving corps to MAN UP and help their QB out for once. I want to see guys laying out for catches, coming back to the ball, and fighting for extra yardage. In a Bellefeuille offense, you sure won't win on the strength of schemes; the only way you can win is by outperforming the opposing defense one on one.

Hamilton's offence is average, ranked in the top four in most offensive categories, and far and away the league leaders in rushing.

And yet their defence is dead last in many defensive categories, and in the bottom half of the league in many others.

In the past we've always blamed our poor defensive performance on the offence. If the offence keeps going two-and-out, the defence eventually gets tired and starts to give up big plays. But this year that doesn't wash. Case in point: Toronto's opening drive, in which they reached the end zone in just a few plays. The Argos' offence is hardly the CFL's best, and yet they had little difficulty moving through a defence that could not have been experiencing any fatigue...unless standing for the national anthem is too draining for them.

So in spite of the fact that they are not overworked, as they have been in the past, they are still the worst defence in the country.

I don't mean to say that Bellefeuille is the best OC in Canada. I know there are better offensive co-ordinators out there somewhere -- likely all currently employed elsewhere -- who could help these Cats score more points. But if every touchdown scored is seen by the defence as a permit to stand around with their fingers up their bums, all that would mean is that we would lose higher-scoring games.

Hamilton's offensive stats are skewed by the games against Toronto. If you look at how that offense performs against the rest of the league, it ain't that good.