FOR SALE CHEAP........28'000 paper bags

Anyone interested in buying 28’000 paper bags?

Reason: Not required anymore.

Will deliver free to Toronto or Winnipeg. :lol: :lol:

Why would winnipeg fans need them their above .500 ? :? :? :? but toronto fans on the other hand :lol:


i like it i like it! lol

Edmonton may want some!

why not were still 2-6,nothing to be proud of.


Not thats funny. Thanks for the laugh.

That would be Purolator Tackles Shame, no? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Tee Hee,

Hey ticats fan usa,

The Bombers have BC Lions coming up on Thursday. If they wait till after that game to buy the bags, the price goes back up. :lol:
As far as the Argos go, if we beat them Saturday, I might think of giving the bags to them on the house. With all the cash they spent on Ricky, they could use a break. :lol:

ya, and according to one article on this site, neither Stegall nor Glenn will be playing against BC either.

you have that much faith in Russ Michna and Quintin McCord, and everybody's favourite pass dropper Chris Brazzel?

B.C. looks good to me.
They're playing well right now but I think that Dickenson has a sprained ankle. Still I would put my money on the Lions.
Without Glenn, the Bombers could go for a bit of a nosedive right now. If that does happen maybe they'll get a better deal on the bags. :cowboy: