For Safety Sake...

Moderators, please do not move this post. This is too important.

I am down at the stadium as I write this. There are far too many safety concerns, and the stadium is so far from being finished, it would be crazy, and potentially disastrous to open the stadium to the general public in one week.

Sure the inspectors may look at everything on their checklists....but folks if you have been down here and looked at this situation first hand, you have to is just not worth putting the public at risk.

I am a season ticket holder and will not risk bringing my little girl here. There are pieces of metal everywhere, safety hazards all over the grounds, etc. Even if passed by the inspectors, I suggest you do not open. Play at Mac, Western, wherever...the consequences are too severe!!!!

All of the items you mentioned can be picked up...and you do know that inspectors will not open on less it is cleared....don't you?

To go, or not to go to the inaugural game, the Labour Day Classic, that is the question. If the stadium is granted an occupancy permit this is the decision I will have to make.

Shall I find comfort in the knowledge that the city inspectors bring as they comb through the stadium inch by inch over the next week carefully considering whether it is safe for me to attend? Or should I heed the caution based from one fan's observations as he went for a casual stroll one Saturday morning and peered critically through the fences guarding the perimeter? I tell you, I'm going to lose some sleep over the next week plus as I ponder these options!

Maybe not... See you on the 1st!

Oskee Wee We!!

I know it'll be safer than Ivor Wynne was - no slivers on your derriere. :roll:

Me thinks me takes me chances. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Even though LDC is against the blew team as tradition would have, with the way our team has played lately it will take a Herculean effort to smite those rowers of a sinking boat. This is why they play the game and don't decide who wins in advance and just adds 2 points in the standings to the presumed victor. I await to be amazed not only by the Phoenix of a new stadium but also, with a little luck, the Phoenix of a team who comes home to roost in new digs.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Good lord. This is one of the dumber posts I've read in a long while. Why would we listen to you? The city has inspectors inspecting everything on site to make sure it is safe for everyone. They are actually going into the stadium and seeing everything up close, rather than looking through the perimeter. Not to mention the game is over a week away, plenty of time to clean up the little scraps, which seem to be such a huge issue. I just don't understand your post. Why do you feel like you're the one we should trust over the actual professionals? That is the problem with this forum. Too many know it alls who really don't know anything at all.

Enjoy the game from home, the rest of us are going to have a blast on Labour Day.

He doesn't want to risk taking his family so he wants it shut down so no one else can go and have fun enjoy it on TV

Assuming it opens fans are not going to be walking in areas of loose scrap metal etc. Any area fans will have access to that 'construction junk' will not be there. It will be removed or moved to areas that will be fenced or walled off so that fans can't get near to hurt themselves.

I've gone to hundreds of games in the cheap seats at Ivor Wynne and NEVER got slivers on my derriere.

What fans will experience on Labour Day will not be all that different from what I often experienced going to Leafs and Raptors games at the Air Canada Centre when a few years after it opened they knocked out the west wall to create an expanded two tiered lobby area attached by a skywalk over Maple Leafs Square to Real Sports Bar and one of the two huge condo towers built there.

Fans entering at that end - or once inside if you did a lap of the arena concourses - you walked through or past walled/fenced off areas with fences and temporary walls up behind which you could see stacks of construction material and equipment.

Same with what anybody commuting through Union Station the last few years has faced in Toronto. Hundreds of thousands on a daily basis using the station even though huge chunks of it were being gutted and renovated. Any of the areas that hundreds of thousands people walked through daily separated by some temporary railings, walls and fences from any construction material and equipment. Almost every time I was there the temporary stairways and hallways were in slightly different places or you had to walk a different way to get from Point A to Point B depending upon what area of the station was being worked on at that time. That was the daily situation at Union Station for the last couple of years of construction as the station continued to get used by hundreds of thousands each day DURING construction.

But always in both cases, the ACC or Union Station - no fan or station user was ever put at risk through those construction projects. It really is fairly routine to have people in and around construction areas. I’m not going to be worried at all about something like that on Labour Day - no need to IMO.

One of the problems with having moderator powers is resisting using them. Whenever I see a post that tries to tell the moderators what to do the temptation is to do the opposite. But thanks to the other posts here I'll resist.
And don't worry, whenever it opens it will be safe. Although maybe not for opposing teams.

I like the last part, it won't be safe for the Argos and their fans :wink:

Oskee7777 walk around once and now your a health and safety expert?

Give us a break. This is irresponsible. This is utter crap.

Caretaker..... You should delete this thread.. 99.999999% would agree with you if you did.

I have no doubt what you meant to say was: "It won't be safe for the Argos, or as much fun for their fans."
As gracious hosts I have no doubt Ticat fans will make Argo fans feel welcome, and will console them after the game.
This is entertainment. Part of the fun is having rivals, and having the fans of those rivals come and visit us at our house. To ensure they keep coming back we need to make them feel their trip was worthwhile despite the outcome of the game. :wink:

Did you just threaten fans?

If posting on topics you know nothing about were a reason for deleting posts or threads there would not be many posts in these or any Internet forums. :wink:
To be a fair to Oskee - I’m sure the stadium and surrounding walkways are not safe yet. But they will be.

you have much more patience for people than I do. Good on ya :rockin: :smiley:

Yes. If you don't want to go, sell you tickets (I am sure you will get a pretty penny) and watch it on TV.
I am glad Bob Young will have 3/4's of a stadium for Labour Day.

Maybe the original poster has ST on the upper west side and if he discourages other ST holders in the unaffected seats, he will be able to get tickets to the LDC. :lol:

Against all common sense and all things good and decent I’m willing to sacrafice my life and actually go to the game.

If I don’t make it back tell my wife I love her.