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Thought you would get a kick out of this one 05.......from

According to Diamond Dave Wheeler on the Spinzone tonite there were oohs and aaahs in the stands when a strapping 18 or 19 year old Hutterite kid got a football in his hands for the first time and heaved the brick 80 yards.

Hopefully, his agent is the same as the Wendy's Kick to Win guy and Taman can place him on the negotiation list.

Seriously, I'm not making this stuff up. Dave Wheeler actually spewed it about an hour ago on the Doug Brown Spinzone.

Brown acquitted himself nicely when he said "Whats a Hutterite, sounds like a piece of farm machinery!" NICE!

....Get this kid signed to a contract pigseye....80 yds....he must have cannon for an arm....probably from throwing all those hay bales ...i don't think Ryan can kick as far as that kid can he a Manitoba kid piggy...? :o :?

Michael Bishop could throw some really deep balls too.

But he had two problems:

  1. Real deep balls would not necessarily come close to the receiver.

  2. When throwing a 6 yarder, he would put as much velocity in it as if he was going for 75 yards, and thus making the catch almost impossible. Lethal throws.

So being able to throw deep doesn't make someone a good QB. Especially since - if it was the first time he had a ball in his hands - he would probably not have the reading and thinking abilities needed to play such a hard position.

So in conclusion, it would definately look like Brendan Taman to sign that guy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only one problem with the theory... the Hutterite is Canadian... and there seems to be an unwritten rule in the CFL... no Canadian QBs on the roster...

///i'm afraid i have to agree with you again sambo....if the kid could throw accurately as well as running back....return kickoffs ....and give Stegall a run as a receiver...yup....the Canadian Hutterite qb. kid would be overlooked and passed by....sadly the unwritten rule is true ...and there should be a changed attitude towards Canadian quarterbacks..... :roll: :thdn:

I should have titled this post......Taman Does It Again, Finds MVP QB.....

What no fastest chicken! I am disappointed! Yep I could just see Taman in the parking lot trying to stop the grain truck with Jacob driving and his QB want to be son riding shotgun. That is funny guys thanks for sharing! I needed that after the day I have had! I guess you bomber fans and the Stamp fans it will be a slow weekend with both our teams having time off. But this really cheered me up!

Or t :lol: aman plays dead to catch chicken but find Hutterite QB! Contract to be signed today! But the kid thinks he was tricked by the chicken and so he may not show up! Taman States if he does not show up he will not throw bales of hay no more for his colony!