For real! QB Michael Bishop returns to the Argonauts

The Toronto Argonauts have re-signed quarterback Michael Bishop, according to TSN CFL Insider Dave Naylor in a report on

The report says that Argo owner David Braley made this decision against the advice of Coach Barker and GM Rita. Speculation around the CFL is that the move was made because the current crop of Argo QB`s are not up to snuff. Braley who is known to be fond of Bishop, felt he was really the only way to go, Bishop will compete for the starting job with the others. Only question remaining is will Barker be able to pick anybody but Bishop?

who cares and honestly why is this topic here? this is trolling at its finest. u think people are gonna cry that bishop was possibly signed by the argos eventho i cant find 1 link to say he was.

seriously, WHO GIVES A CRAP.

IF THIS is legit, why isnt it posted on the argo portion or even the main site of this forum.

seriously man, get a life.This isnt bomber news and it has no effect on the bombers at all.

3 days ago i read that barker is happy with lemon and was comparing him to burris. now u come in with some bs rumor that isnt found anywhere onto the bomber site none the less and... think people give 2 craps?

SERIOUSLY.. im a type nice and big and super slow so u can understand..



MICHAEL BISHOP has nothing to do with the bombers.

GO POST THIS ELSEWHERE CUZ SERIOUSLY MAN, nothing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.. but good to see u back joe football or sanjay or housedogg or whatever u decide your nickname is today.

TRULY bro, u need mental help cuz it seems everyday u or one of yourr alias's come in here and post garbage about players that have nothing to do with the bombers SIGNING with other teams. the other day he signed with the riders, today its the argos.. next week its gonna be the stamps... SERIOUSLY.. LIFE. GET ONE.

Well this will make joefootball happy.

Hey joe, can't believe you got scooped on this one pal. :lol:

This latest nonsense is from "14 Championships" who, back in March, was claiming that the Associated Press was reporting that Rocket Ismail was going to make a comeback in the CFL. Not true.

Now he claims, without a link, that Naylor is reporting in the Globe the latest Bishop nonsense. Guess what? this is a lie as well.

I think posters who continually make up little stories out of thin air should be banned.

If our old buddy McMahon got banned for making up stories (at least his had some amusement value from time to time), why are guys like Joe Football and 14 championships not banned for doing the exact same thing??

and heres the kicker madjack.. its posted on the bomber portion of the site and HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BOMBERS AT ALL.