For people who were listening to the Esks game on 630 ched..

Alright on the Points After show with Dave, one guy called in and said "Bryan Hall is a pedophile." Can anyone tell me anything about this? I think it has something to do with the reference of the missing 6 year old boy.. mid-late fourth quarter. So can anyone tell me anything about this? I'm going to e-mail Dave and ask him if I can't get anything here. Thanks

haha bryan halls to old to be a pedefile
but i think the guy just didn't like hallz cuz most ppl don't
i heard that on points after kinda chuckled but ya
nothing serious

You cant be to old to be a pedophile

Lol, so doesn't anyone know?

I am not sure about this pedophile business, but as per usual...when i left the stadium in the 4th and turned it on in the seemed like Hallsy didnt even know who the hell was playing. In my professional opinion, I am deeming Hallsy as flippin senile and that guy can retire any day now. He gets worse every week and the other guy has to correct him non stop....its actually hilarious.

I'm no fan of Bryan Hall, but the person who called into the post-game show is obviously some jerk who gets off making idiotic comments on the radio. I can't imagine any reason to take anyone like that seriously.