For Papazoola, Lyle B. Style, Wolverine et al.


Papa, Lyle, Wolvy and the other Bomberino fans are probably still going through Joe Mack withdrawal. Let Johnny help you dudes out. :smiley:

To help yous get through your withdrawal, here are the first public pictures of Mack the knife, since he left the Bomberinos. OOHHHHH, look at that Mack all pimped out in Alouettes gear!

Johnny brings you the gift of Joe Mack. Enjoy Bomberino dudes! :smiley: [/i]

The only thing I'm worried about is Drowsy Joe & Mavis inseminating each other with their rambling and inconsequential football yap. The bad breath earthquakes will nullify each other (the law of unintended consequence says two guys with atrocious breath are unable to detect the other)

As Tom Cheek once said:

"Touch 'em all Joe, you'll never create more misery than you did in Winnipeg!"

.....Thanx Johnny for reminding us in Blue n' Gold, why we no longer employ 'drowsy'...Pretty sure he was sleep walking through a few of our drafts, as a couple of those high picks he engineered have fallen off the football map...(see slender Jade Etienne and no shoulders Penser)... Wasn't crazy about the Mulumba pick either and had a pretty good idea he was never going to show up in the CFL...Sooooooo....don't wake Joe up and let him know there's a draft in May and for cripes sake don't let him anywhere near the Als. 'war room'...unless you want to bomb :lol: Take it away Johnny :thup:

Sleepy Joe using the latest in up to date technology........ :slight_smile:

Sleepy Joe is all prepared and ready for the upcoming Draft....... :slight_smile:

Try to stay AWAKE JOE !!!!!........ :slight_smile:

Well, Hobo Joe made it all the way back to the proud CFL.

Other guys still in late or permanent banishment status -

Maggot Mike Kelly, Lord Lyle Bauer, The Napkin Man Brendan Taman, Count Poop Ross Hodgkinson.
Fresh entrΓ©e on the menu - Eduardo Hervey :cowboy:

I think the most recent banishment might actually be the first to return - ie. Hervey

Taman will never be a GM again - but could be valuable scouting CIS or somesuch. Bauer & Poop were no-talent con men - Bauer always eager to get back but who wants someone of that ilk. Kelly had the police blotter incident - plus there's better coaches out there than that maggot.

Don't worry papa. Johnny will keep you guys up to speed on all Joe Mack sightings and happenings in the Alouettes' world. :smiley:

Really? Geez Lyle. Did you go in for a kiss on both of them?! :lol:

:lol: :lol: Johnny outdid himself with this one.

Johnny just gets better with the hits.

[i]Thanks Brian! :smiley:

You know a comment is good, when it makes Lyle the Bomberino poet and wordsmith speechless! [/i]

Well at least the bomberino poet got his blast of bad breath face to face - not in the rear naked choke position Johnny Ticat Slayer is famous for! :cowboy:

.....He He.....Johnny and Lyle duking it out and the season hasn't even hit tc....Something tells me this is going to be a great year :thup: :lol: :rockin:

Did you motha tell you Johnny likes it that way? :cowboy:

This is a good start but save some material for the regular season you two.

Oh don't worry! The Bomberino poet is never lacking, when it comes to his eccentric and witty prose. And Johnny always has something to say. :smiley:

[quote="bobo82"]Sleepy Joe using the latest in up to date technology........ :slight_smile:

Sleepy Joe is all prepared and ready for the upcoming Draft....... :slight_smile:

Try to stay AWAKE JOE !!!!!........ :slight_smile:


SWEET nice Thanks


Another Joe Mack sighting. Here is a picture of the Alouettes' war room for the draft. Everyone is hard at work, except sleepy Joe Mack who is taking a nap! :lol:

And Mack, white socks with dark pants is a big mistake... [/i]

Someone should tell Joe to calm down.

No reason to be that rowdy and disruptive at a draft.

What is that in front of him ?

Are the Als switching over to the alternate white helmet for keeps ?

What was wrong with the much nicer silver ?