For Oki from Fenoki

A list of uniquely Canadian Inventions
All inventions/discoveries on this list can be verified by the CIPO/OPIC (Canadian Intellectual Property Office). .
AM radio
IMAX projector and system
panoramic pictures and camera
standard time
transceiver (walkie-talkie)
world's first commercial motion picture
butter substitute
electric cooking range
instant potato flakes
cigarette box
hair tonic
jolly jumper
improved ironing board
measure for footwear
paint roller
portable high chair
robertson screw
washing machine
degradable plastic
green box
oil well
pulp newsprint
sewage recycling system
Actar 911 CPR Dummy
dental mirror
electron microscope
medical instruments
electric hand prosthesis for children
myoelectric prosthesis
fog bell or gong
personal distress device
MacPherson gas mask
ear piercer
5-pin bowling
hockey goalie mask
tabletop hockey game
Trivial Pursuit
air-conditioned vehicle
electric car
And my personal list of inventions which are common knowledge to many a Canadian:
The blackberry
ice brewed beer
back bacon
baseball (yes! we played it first)
Candu Nuclear Reactors
Commodore Computers
Red Rose Tea
the wonderbra
cable TV
Geiger Counter
engineered yarn
beer cases with tuck-in handles
flight simulators for pilot training

Also lululemon is Canadian. And I think every guy on the planet would like to thank the people for making these wonderful wonderful outfits.

butter substitute, instant potato flakes?? half of these inventions are useless.

lacrosse-if you mean that you stole it from the native indians, then yes, you did.
superman-created by canadian joe shuster AND AMERICAN JERRY SIEGEL
telephone- Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland, then moved to England, and later lived in Canada for LESS THAN ONE YEAR before moving to Boston - IN 1871. He was living in Boston for three whole years before the date that Canadians claim he invented the telephone in Canada. But let's slow down for a second. Bell DIDN'T INVENT the TELEPHONE. He merely STOLE the designs of Antonio Meucci, who was from Florence, Italy and invented the first telephone while living in Havana, Cuba in 1849. And if you want to still say he was canadian, he became a Naturalized US Citizen in 1888.
Insulin-How the hell can you invent something that the body produces naturally in the pancreas
velcro- now this makes me laugh. it was invented by a swiss man.

i could go on and on. and are you wanting me to start a list of inventions by americans?? lol

Baseball. List all the links you want but it is just another example of Americans refusing to admit something is Canadian.
Lacrosse. Played in Canada
Superman. Invented by Canadian Joe Shuster then published with an American.
Telephone. See line about Baseball.
Insulin. Substitute for the naturally produced chemical uses by diabetics.
Velcro. You quoted Wikepedia. A free used created where anyone can contribute anything whether correct or not!
This is from their own site
Because Wikipedia is an ongoing work to which anybody with Internet access can contribute, it differs from a paper-based reference source in some very important ways. In particular, older articles tend to be more comprehensive and balanced, while newer articles may still contain significant misinformation, unencyclopedic content, or vandalism. Users need to be aware of this in order to obtain valid information and avoid misinformation

..........hooray for lululemon!........I concur........

There you are sooner or later fan. I was looking for you since we didn’t finish or conversation on how bad of a football schedule Uof OK has and how over rated they are. I just looked up their schedule and see that they have scheduled 3 division 2 schools in UAB, MTU and the University of Washington. You guys are in such a rush to get a bowl game that you would compromise any sense of respect that you have for yourself (and state) and schedule a non conference schedule like that. Sad. As far as Oregon goes you will lose that game when you travel to Eugene.

I wouldn't wanna came baseball as Canadian, it really sucks! total mutant from of cricket.

Well Kanka, If you dont like Baseball. Why dont you try to have it changed???
Did you know that hitting a baseball is the most difficult thing to do in pro-sports?

I'd rather have it outlawed. :lol:

hitting a criket ball is more of a challenge IMO cuz in Baseball you really have three chances to hit the ball. Criket, you really only have one chace.

Bigger bat so its easier

I know, who needs standard time? Who cares that there never would have been a trans-continental railroad without it? Commercial air travel would be impossible, but that's overrated anyway, isn't it?
Insulin, though it is produced in the human body, is lacking in diabetics. The injections that they give themselves, called "insulin injections", were invented in Canada, and extend their lives dramatically. Who cares about diabetics, though, right?
Snowmobiles...come on. What's the difference if people in the northern regions of the planet aren't able to get supplies or medical attention?
Guardrails are a complete waste of time.
What do we need peacekeepers for? Leave those volatile regions to fight it out amongst themselves. Maybe they'll kill each other off.
And anyone who is stupid enough to be in a potentially radiated zone doesn't deserve to have a geiger counter to alert them of the danger, do they? Let them take their chances with mutated fetuses and death.
Wasn't the world just as well off when the only way to train a pilot was by putting him at the controls of an airplane, and crossing your fingers? If he crashed, then you knew he wasn't ready and thanked heaven that there were no passengers aboard. Anyone who happened to get flattened by the plane...well, they shouldn't have been there in the first place.
Pablum merely prevents the deaths of malnourished babies all around the world. But hey, infant mortality isn't as bad as it sounds, is it?
And let's face it, no one ever uses zippers, do they?

By the way, Alexander Graham Bell lived in Brantford Ontario when he invented the telephone. But short-sighted Canadian bureaucrats couldn't see a practical use for it, so he took his invention to the US, where he found investors and developed it. Bell lived out the remainder of his years in Canada, though, which he considered his adopted home, and is buried in (I believe) Nova Scotia.

And I don't know what "lululemon" is (maybe someone can fill me in), but that "wonderbra" fills me with a sense of patriotic pride!

I assume that by "native indians" you mean our aboriginal people, since lacrosse was not invented in India.

Your statement confuses me, though. I don't understand what you consider to be the definition of "Canadian". Is it someone of European descent? British descent? Asian descent? African descent?

Is a person who is indigenous to this land not just as Canadian as the rest of us? So are their inventions not just as Canadian as, say, the zipper? ya go Big D.........

.......striving to make nice canadian girl bums even nicer.........seriously, a 7,8 or 9 butt on the hotness scale puts on a pair of lululemon tights it automatically gets +2 hotness points.........its a yoga thing.......Mrs RedandWhite is a yoga-ite and I've started to get into it recently.....pretty neat stuff.........

i hope you are being sarcastic. UAb is in Conference USA, MTU is in the Sun Belt conference, and even though it is not a good one, it is still D1. and Washington is in your beloved Pac10 conference. And Every good team has an easy OOC shedule, so they can find their problems before they really start playing good teams. and plus, we are playing oregon. Obviously you do not follow college football.

and on insulin i think it is awsome that you guys DISCOVERED a way to give it to diabetics, it is just that you did not invent it.

velcro- ... tml#Mestra

And Peacekeeping??That's like saying a guy from Peru invented generosity or that a guy from Zimbabwe invented creativity. You can seriously look in the mirror and believe in your hearts that people engaged in disputes that almost led to wars, but didn't because of diplomacy, have Canada to thank regardless of whether the conflict was in 1980A.D. or 240 B.C.?

and the zipper.

I have news for you
Just because its on the net doesn't make it true.

Both velcro and the zipper were invented by Canadians sorry that you cannot accept it.

Careful. You are undermining the Harvard mouse

prove it to me then.