for nfl fans

in fantasy nfl, i traded,

chad johnson, for edgerin james,

was that a good trade

i have randy moss and jerry porter as my receivers now , and edge and ahman green as my RBs,

was it a good trade?

Since you already had Randy Moss and Jerry Porter it was a great trade.

In most fantasy football leagues the running back is your top point getter (unless your qb plays like Manning did last year)

Chad Johnson is a great player but you already had two good recievers and looks like you needed a running back.

It could have been a good trade for him too if he already had two really good running backs and needed a receiver.

Chad Johnson is a wicked receiver, James is a wicked running back. Win-win for both of you. You definetly needed insurance because Green is injury prone and on a horrible Packers team this year.

Well, the Packers are better than the Vikings, they are TERRIBLE.

I'd say the Pack are worse than the Vikings. Both are 0-2, but the Packers lost to the Browns at home. That takes the cake.

I'm happy my Bears are in that division. They actually have a shot.

Bears are gonna get crushed this week against Cincy.

wouldve kept Chad on that one, you have Porter and Moss, but what happens on bye weeks, and you can never have enough good players. Edgerrin is a solid yards guy, depends what kind of league you are in. Chad is in the most explosive offense as of now.....should've held onto him

You got that right.

With I being a cincy fan, I don't think giving up Johnson was a good idea. I think he is going to explode this season with Cincinnati. Biased opinion of course.

I recently propsed a trade and it got accepted. Wasn't sure if it was a good trade or not, but I didn't care cause I needed to do something with my horrible team.

I traded Dunn & Plummer for Leftwich...bad..good?

I think Johnson might provide more fantasy points than James this year. But since you were stacked in receivers, it was an okay trade.

GoStampsGo, it was a bad trade in my opinion. Jags are not much of an offensive team, and Plummer can have some big games playing in Denver. Dunn is also a fairly decent RB, even if he is just a backup. Jags play defensive football and are a run-first kind of team, with Fred Taylor their main offensive attack.

The Jags are all about defence. And Leftwich is injured, right?

The one question I have is how many guys do you start on offence. If it's two receivers and two RBs, who was your 2nd RB before. Because you can't only judge this trade on Johnson for Edge. You have to look at the difference in Johnson vs. Porter and Edge vs. Other guy.

Chad Johnson is one of the best WR in the NFL, with the best young QB in the league throwing to him (at the very least the one who throws the best deep ball), while Jerry Porter is a good WR, but second fiddle to Moss, which could mean most red zone TD passes not going his way. So the difference between Johnson vs. Porter in my opinion is huge.

Edge is a great RB, but plays in an offence with many weapons, so the ball will be spread around. His yardage totals should be good, but I don's see him scoring that many TDs, which are where the big points come from. So unless your other RB was totally useless, I think you may have made a mistake.

As for GoStampsGo, I think you got a steal on your trade. Jake Plummer is one of the most inconsistent QBs in the NFL, and Warrick Dunn is a better than average back that loses goalline carries to Duckett, hurting his TD total.

Leftwich on the other hand is one of the true rising stars at QB in the league. Yes he's hurt, but the first time I ever saw him play was in a bowl game his last year in college. He played with a leg that was so badly injured that his O-Linemen had to carry him to the next spot after every completion. He spent the whole game in the shotgun and never moved. And he still threw for well over 300 yards. I can easily see him being among the top 6 or 7 fantasy QBs come the end of the year.

Als, Leftwich doesn't put up big numbers or many points. He won't throw for many TD's. I don't see where you're getting your perspective from. The Jags are a defence first type of team.

Leftwich has two very good recievers in Jimmy Smith and Reggie Williams, and a guy I can see quickly becoming the best #3 WR in the NFL in Matt Jones. He has a cannon for an arm, excellent accuracy, and an excellent understanding of the game. Plus he has a solid running game and a good O-Line. The progression I've seen in his game from college QB, to NFL rookie, to now is incredible. 16 INTs in his first year, down to only ten last year. I watched his week one performance at Seattle and he looked great. Add to that his mental toughness and willingness to not only play with pain, but to almost raise his game when he's hurt, and he has all the assets to be a fantasy star in the making. Like I said, I predict that by the end of the season he will be among the top 6 or 7 fantasy QBs, while Plummer will be lucky to be top 15.