For NFL fans (don't come whining if you don't like it)

Hey guys,

When the CFL season ends, that's when I start getting interested by the NFL again. Better get NFL football than no football at all.

So for all of you who don't look down on our southern friends football, how are your playoffs chances coming down?

Personally, the two teams I like best are the Chargers and Chiefs. So they are in a fierce battle with one another for one of those coveted AFC Wildcard spots. When season started, I was expecting both of them to make it to January. But the Broncos are a big surprise for me. Did not expect the horses to ride this high. Still, I have good hopes of seeing one of my teams in the post-season.

I also like the Lions (eliminated), the Bills (eliminated) and the Jaguars (contends for a Wildcard spot).

How is it going for you?

The N.Y. Giants are my NFL team. Eli Manning is over-rated

Baltimore Ravens .... i hope they make it to the playoffs

I'm a Bears fan and I thought it was going to be a long season when Grossman went down and then starting 1-3. But after 8 straight victories the Bears are rolling with the best defence in the NFL. They have a chance at winning the NFC and having home advantage throughout the play-offs.

......I have been a Seattle Sh!thawks fan since the days of Zorn and Largent......maybe this year, eh?.......I used to love cheering for the Browns back when Bernie Kosar was pitching sidearm curveballs in the slop and muck of their old stadium, but to cheer for Cleveland now would make you elligble for a one-way ticket to the loony bin.......

My Texans fell out of playoff contention after week 1. Oh well there is always next year.

I don't have a favorite team

I just watch NFL for the hell of watching football.

I've always cheered for Seattle since they are just across the border. They remind me of the Riders...always find a way to lose!

Ah Red&White...Zorn and Largent......Thats showing our age!

So we'll see what Holmgren does this year.

Indy is fun to watch. It'll be interesting to see if they can equal or Beat the 1972 (I think) Dolphins mark.

Always been an Indy fan, so this year is kind of fun. Still doesn't make up for the Riders, but at least there's someone to cheer for. I also like Cincinnati, and don't mind the Seahawks, although I'm not super passionate about them. Turning out to be a decent year as far as the NFL goes.

Lol, Sportsmen... the Seahawks really are the NFL's soap opera. You always want to watch their last game to see what they'll come up with to oust themselves of the playoffs.

This year, at least, they can't miss the post-season, as they clinched their division yesterday. But... wait till the QB yells in the ref's microphone "We want the ball and we're going to score.."

I'm a bills fan, but they aren't doing so hot right now. How do you let the dolphins sceond or third stringer come back and kill you with 3 long TD drives in the 4th. Brutal.

I also like the chargers and I am jumping on the Bengals bandwagon a bit.

But I more watch the NFL just to watch sports. Its just a lot of fun to watch.

how bout Isreale Idonje from university of Manitoba

I have to go with the Patriots. There not as good as they use to be, but i can't count out a Belichek coached team. Surprise i' am from New England. If they are going to win it all this year they will have to do it the way they did versus St Louis. There record doesn't indicate how good they are they have by far the toughest schedule in the NfL.

Super Bowl Champs: AFC team no doubt. My pick Patriots, my mind Colts

AFC championship Pats v. Colts---------------Pats win

NFC championship Seattle v. Carolina---------Carolina wins

I'm a Broncos die-hard, bleed orange and blue.

We've lost two games we should have won, and we've won two games we should have lost. 9-3 is exactly where we should be and I forsee 12-4 and the 2nd seed. I just hope that we run the table in the West :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm also a Seattle sympathizer. Ever since they switched conferences and changed their branding, I've been pretty pleased with them and a backseat Seahawk fan (it doesn't hurt that they're a very Pacific Coast team). My NFC team is/used to be the Saints, but only because they were from New Orleans. If they move, my NFC allegiance is changed for good. Hope they win tonight and secure more of that homefield advantage :slight_smile:

Here are my current playoff picks:

AFC: [1] Colts, [2] Broncos, [3] Bengals, [4] Patriots, [5] Steelers, [6] Chiefs; Chargers and Jaguars pushing.

NFC: [1] Seahawks, [2] Bears, [3] Panthers, [4] Giants, [5] Falcons, [6] Vikings. Cowboys and Bucs pushing.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say that the NFL should switch to some CFL rules (not necessarily all of them, there has to be some middle ground). I'd leave the rouge out of it because I have the utmost respect for Dick Vermeil and his 2-pt conversion cheatsheet, and the rouge de-emphasizes that play quite a bit.

Yeah....wasn't that the kiss of death!

Just eliminate the boring fair catch and change the 40 second clock.......How exciting the last 2 minutes of the game...watching the offense take 3 knees if the defense is out of timeouts.

Colts will go undefeated this year and will win the superbowl.

I don't think the Colts will go undefeated. They have some tough games coming up and will probably clinch the AFC right away. If they do clinch Dungy said he will play his back-ups a lot more which could doom them against Seattle in their 15 game.

....I think the Colts still have a game left against San Diego and even though it's in thier own dome SD could be trouble too.....I agree though they'll be hard pressed to get by the sh!thawks in week 15.........

im a packers fan and well as long as farve comes back and we get back the rest of our O we might win the division next year but if farve leves were DOOMED