For My Good Buddy (R&W 05)

Do not fret my friend.

Your Stamps played a good game, in a very hostile environment.

Granted they lost to a Bomber squad full of back ups, but they didn't go down without a fight.

Hank played well, no sign of Frank, yet.

Your defense did about all they could do, but they weren't going to keep all the Bomber receivers out of the end zone forever.

There will be nights, when your offense isn't going to be able to put 40 points, which we all knew they would have to, to compensate for your secondary issues.

I'm sure your boys will be fired up to stick it to the Bombers in their own building next time.

For now though, papa and the rest of us get to enjoy it.

Well both teams have injuries thats not bring that into play. But the good point for you guys you may have finally a bonafide QB. I will not make excuses for my teams loss. They could have easily won the game as we all know. If we were to lose to a team the bombers would be that team. Enjoy hope there is more then one for your team. Your team still has some concerns like a running game. It looks like blink has blinked and gone to sleep. Full credit goes to the bombers for pulling out a win. But I can assure you next time they meet up there will be pay back.

Bombers secondary looked surprisingly very good last night. Nice to see the crowd in Winnipeg in it at the end and supporting their Bombers. They really needed that win.


That was a good win for you Piggy. I have to confess that I didn't think the Bombers would pull it off.

QB Contraversy in Winnipeg?


Kevin Glenn can go back to his usual spot.....Back Up.

...THAT'S WHAT ..i've been saying all along sport....and if you think Ryan is good....wait till you get a look at Randall...this guy has a quality qb. look...I think we have a problem in the Peg over-paid back-up in Glenn...don't know how we're going to correct that one...I think Kevin will have to end- up shelling -out part of his pay-cheque to Ryan.... :lol:

First of Randall has no playing time in the CFL he may look good but time will tell. Dinwiddie proved he is a cfl QB. To pressure filled games now and he performed well in both. Give him a few more games and Glenn will be getting the apple and the road map. Roberts needs to be replaced it is sad but this guy has lost his step big time. He use to rip through lines on his own. Now he just does not have it. Your DB’s played well.
On the Stamp side of the ball our four line did not help our DB’s in this game very little rush put on the QB. The stamp defense problem was the front line giving way too much time. Adjustments will be made. Now Dad the trick is your team needs to play like that from now on they can not revert back to the doldrums again. Their confidence got a shot in the arm but a loss next week and that could very well sink back to medicority. The bombers put a good game on the turning point was the interception no doubt about it. That did not happen the bomber fans would be on the bridge ready to jump.

...and my son....just a little advice for you better start looking for some help in your secondary....cuz a few other teams have probably been watching how porus it was last night..could cost the stamps big time in the future...and yes i know....nobodys perfect... :wink:

I thought it was a combination of db's and pass rush tonight on defense. But you have to remember the turning point was Hanks interception. Had that not happened who knows we would be asking the same questions. The play by my good friend Nik Lewis was awesome. Bombers need to do something with their running game and quick.

I didn’t think Jofferey Reynolds looked that bad, (I confess, I haven’t seen the game stats.) It was a great Second half for both teams, up and down the field.

...Reynolds didn't exactly rock the house with his play either...maybe he was watching Charlie and got into a lack-lustre mode... :lol:

Heck watching Charlie play would get morticians excited.

I should have added, that Doug Berry and the Bombers probably know the Chris Jones defense better than anyone else in the league right now.

Huff did not have that same advantage.

The Bombers actually had twice as many rushing yards as the Stamps on the night, thanks in large part to Dinwiddies mobility.

Well the Stamps did not adjust defensively that to me was puzzling. They have made changes every game they one except with the Eskimos and now Winnipeg. Not sure why?