For Mr. Tillman: Free Agent Market

I was looking at the current free agent lists for all of the teams and it is shocking how many big name players have not yet been resigned. Do you think that this season is any different comapred to previous years in terms of the number of "impact" players that have yet to resign? I was thinking the salary cap not increasing is probably leaving many teams strapped for cash. Either way I am excited to see how all of this unfolds and where some of these players end up.

The Canadian free agents especially concern me...

American free agents... quality players from the south are numerous and for the most part can be replaced far easier than quality Canadian players. Signing the Canadians would be my priority (if they are still up to the game).

I think it is true that if it were not for the import to non-import ratio required for CFL teams, there would be at most a handful of Canadians playing pro football up here on any given team. It is not that I disagree with the ratios in theory and it is good to give opportunity to Canadian athletes (plus they are generally cheaper), but there are certainly a lot of USA born players released or benched by CFL teams who are replaced by lesser quality Canadian born players because of the ratio thing.

But a lot of pro leagues in the world have foreign versus domestic ratios and the CFL is just one of them.