For Kanga.......

.......I propose in honour of our buddy Kanga that on October 26th which is Hobart Show Day for South Tasmania, a provincial holiday for the territory, that we only converse that day in smilies........


.........geez, not yet......

.....sorry.....I thought misreading posts came with the deal.....kidding, kidding.....

Thanks Red, but one little problem, I'm not a tazy, I'm a Victorian! and Tasmania is a state, not a territory.

but Thanks for the thought

ha ha ha, jm, I'm just not having a good day today.


Whoops....sorry.....still too early.....

So how's about givin' us some other ideas, then. . .what are some Victorian holidays. . .?

Does this mean we can call you Vickie???????
You say your not a Tazie but I in-vision you after every post, twirling in a tornado like fashion bouncing off each wall only to return to your PC and post again. :lol:

LMAO!!! :lol:

I do that sometimes, I can quick to where I want to go qiucker! :lol:

I'm Vickie the bloody tazzie devil!!! I do love that Lonny Toon chariter.

but you should just call men a bloody vic, or Kucha the bloddy vic.

you know, mayebe that why my room is messy as heck.

You mean roo, dont you???

no room, hit the n button inside of m.

Have u pulled a Statik yet on your team??

I just heard the funniest line

"if it burns, it's working!!!"

the commercal is abou mouthwash, but that line is usefull for other things. :lol:

I think that most of you would love to know that the CFL out ranked the AFL in this site's list of major leagues, mostly in part to the CFL long history.

[url=] ... rts_league[/url]

"Opponents of its inclusion, which include many Americans, claim that Canadian football is merely a minor variation of the American game..."

They seem to forget that it was the Canadians who orginally came up with the game of Football. :roll:

Maybe if you cleaned up those empty labatts blue beer cases you could see out the window too!!!! :wink:

ture, I'd also better clean up the Molson, Mossehead, VB and MB ones as well.

Wanna play with my pet cane toad???

Wow… now this is a coincidence!! I just broke up with a girl named Vickie AND… my dad has a Taz Manian devil tattoo on his arm!

I Got A Number Of Prblems With This Artical. First Of Which Being That The CFL Was Formed Way Before 1956. I Cosider The CFL Starting As Of 1936 Cause That's When Records Are Listed As The Begining. 1869 Was When The Hamilton Football Club Was Formed Later Becoming The Tiger-Cats. The First Grey Cup Match Was In 1909. In 1883 The Ontario Rugby Football Union Was Formed Which Laid The Ground Work For The CFL. 1907 The Big Four League Was FormedBringing Together What Would Later Be The East Division Of The CFL. So Take Your Pick Of When You Feel The CFL Started, Either Way It Was Way Before 1956.

As Kucha Said The CFL's Virsion Of Football Came First And The States (Harvard) Stole The Game From Us.

And Since When Does Having An Import Quota Make A League A Bush League. Most Soccer Leagues In Europe (The Most Popular And Successful Sport In The World) Have The Quota Rule And It Doen't Hert Them At All, It Just Brings A Different Asspect To The Game.

Along The Lines Of The Import Rule I Can Think Of A Number Of Player That Are "Non-Imports" That Are Better Then Any Of The Imports In The League. Ben Cahoon Is The First That Comes To Mind. Noel Prefontain Is An Other That's Up There On My List. Mavraux, Jude St. John, Josh Ranek, And Mike O'Shea Are A Few Others That I Was Surprised When I Saw That They Aren't Imports.

OKay, Now I'm Done Jumping All Over This Misinformed Web Page. It's Just That Yesterday I Was Watching The Game With My Dad And When Lumstead Droped The Ball My Dad Said "Bush League" And Ever Since I've Been In CFL Defence Mode.