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I may have posted this before. If so, I apologize. I happened to come across a Montreal Gazette newspaper article from 1909 about the donation of a trophy by one Earl Grey that I thought some of you might enjoy.

...I can't believe the deal on lovely trimmed women's hats...

great post man! thanx for the read. im going to forwerd that link to my co-workers if thats ok with you guys!

Awesome post, thanks for the link. enjoyed reading it as well as the baseball scores.

Nice.CRF! Man you can appreciate what Canadian football historical researchers such as Frank Cosentino and some others have to do to get to the primary literature. :thup:

Great post for sure.

It's one thing for me to stumble into it online, but I can only imagine the hours spent by those gentlemen in libraries scrolling through reels of old newspapers to put their material together. It's so much easier now.

The funny thing is that the archives only go to the late 80's. So you'd have an easier time finding an article for 1895 than you would 1995.

Anyway, glad you guys enjoyed it. It's wild to see how things have changed. I remember finding the one about the formation of the Rough Riders. They formed, got their outfits and took to the field a few days later. Nowadays, it takes a hell of a lot longer. :wink:

Another site history buffs might want to check out is

There's much more on there about American football than Canadian, but if you do enough digging, you can find the odd article on Canadian football. One article I found particularly interesting and informative is this oneon the development of American football from what was essentially a tweaked Rugby game to a truly distinct sport which would eventually form the basis of modern American (and Canadian) football.

There's also a new book called "The Canadian Pro Football Encyclopedia: Every Player, Coach and Game, 1946-2010".

that book sounds awesome! do you have a link to it, or when it will be released?

It looks like the book was only released about a month ago. You can buy it from (but not or, oddly enough).

Bought it. I don't know how many times I've wanted to look up player X's stats and couldn't find them anywhere. This'll be a great resource to have!

It's neat looking through the old newspapers. With a little bit of work, I now know an answer to the question I've been trying to research: What were the colours of the Hamilton Alerts? The answer: Garnet & gray...

Piece of history; Calgary Stampeders designed a white horse for their red helmet and wore it for the first time in 1968. Before that they had a white horse shoe on their red helmet.

They stopped using those because having the same colours as the University of Ottawa made the league look bush. :wink:

Weird thing I came across too; in separate books, I had scores for both the 1913 U. of O. and the Ottawa Rough Riders. I did notice that bth teams were playing against the same opponents so I assume that was still in the days when the universities and city clubs played in the same unions. Looking closer, most were the same day against the same opponent. :?

Turns out they fielded a merged club that year (supposedly known as the Combines) but each "side" claims the scores for themselves in their respective histories. There were some discrepencies in recording them so it was hard to notice at first.