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SOOOOOOOO, was Damon Allen in Regina Airport or not????????????

QB coach what?

Thats the rumour

crazy. any link to the rumor?

Last week while working a the airport I saw Damon Allen and his wife travelling out. I joked that he was going to be our QB coach. He laughed and stated that he was going to be. His wife also backed up his statement. He also showed off some of the gifts that the riders had given them.

Puhlease.....What kind of gifts, pens and a fruit basket.

yea just saw that figured if it was anywhere it would be there.

I owe Damon a returned phone call regarding his quarterback challenge event, but, no, there is zero truth to him being our new quarterback coach. Kenny just back today (I think) from his winter home in North Carolina, and he would do the interviewing coaches, not me.

Kenny and I speak probably 350 days a year, regardless of where we are. When we spoke on Friday, he still had not even made a final decision about hiring a new coach on offense. If I had to guess, though, my strong sense is he won't. I've made my recommendations (which will never be shared publicly), but, he's the head coach...and, when it comes to the coaching staff, I've given him the final call on everything so far.

We will be adding an additional coach(eight assistants, not seven), but his responsibilites will be announced in another week or two.

Thanks for the reply. This thing has been tossed about so I thought I'd ask.

C&P back to OP

:( darn rumor has me thinking about other rumors, the thought of adding Kavis, Allen, and Ritchie just seemed to good to be true

Ya, was kinda hoping for a "I can't comment, it's kenny's decision" type of waffle. Not the absolutely no truth answer.

Gumby isn't coming to Sk.