For every win the Riders get when the Esks lose......

Means a better chance that we can finish ahead of them in the standings for the first time in.. oh my lord.. 30 years!!! :o

We need to do this!

Riders better worry about getting in the playoffs by merit ..not by other teams losing..ya it would be nice to see the Schmoes go down but if the Riders dont win the series It could be rough

You guys could start by handing the Esks their 4rth consecutive loss....

Wonder what kind of dance move the "Sugar Plum" fairy will come up with for 4 losses in a row?

Interpretive dance to “What am I Doing Here” by Blue Rodeo.

I predict that whoever loses, between riders and Esks, cans their coach after the game!

unless its the riders, we don’t make changes in saskatchewan.

we've canned faragalli and Gregory during the season, so hopefully the Rider faithful will make it loud and clear to the management that mediocrity is not acceptable, unless they want an empty stadium for the rest of the year!

AS Sporty pointed out in another post we cant afford to buy them out, they are here till the end of the season

ya one big problem.. Shivers has the Exec's all brain washed

one BIGGER problem, like other ppl have said, where is the money to buy them out???