For Esquimaux The Thought Police Got Me

Hi Again

Just when we got into some serious discussions and showed some respect for each other the thought police got me.

Have a look at our old message board. It has been locked.

Must be an NDP or liberal type watching over this forum. Wonder who appoints them.

Easy on the NDP..Ziffel...our leader was on the front page of Political reform weekly...
It's sole purpose was to envoke the right of" freedom of Speach on Public forums"...
We are not the problem ...only the cure..CFL Rules...

Ok I can understand the CFL rules. But I cant handle these moderators. They locked up a conversation that Esquimaux and I were having together.
We were actually settling down and becoming friends. I actually like Esquimaux. I'd even buy him a cup of coffee. I especially enjoyed the way he stood up to me. If this was a job interview I would hire him on the spot.

I swear by the mud below my feet, you guys should work together....The night they drve old Dixie Down..

That accounts for the half time show that we got.
If history was a little different we could have been enjoying Free Bird instead.
Ronnie Van Zant lives on.

....maybe it was the conservative guy ...Fred Z......that jumped all over the fellow MP. for running down the Emerson appt....OR...the ndp bunch who turned Buzz Hargrove loose for his verbal support of the libs.....dang it I hate all of this intrusion into the democratic process....AND RIGHT TO EXPRESS(within reason of course)...carry on Ziffel... :arrow:

Is that what you call a conversation?
I call it stirring the pot and looking for an argument.'ve been a bad boy...stirring the has the proof and all...
Punishment shall be... five head butts to your computer almost as bad as Milt ...with his comment about Regina naaaaaaaaaaaaaaughty boys.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Why am I getting all of the heat. I got called a moron and an oxymoron and didnt get miffed. There are a lot worse comments by others floating around this forum than I am making. I just dont appreciate somebody watching in on a conversation between people and then erasing things or censoring it out. If Esquimaux wants me censored and banned from the site that is his call, not somebody elses.

At least Esquimaux are talking. Actually I am talking to him the same way I talk to my own brother. I got all kinds of time and respect for the guy and I look forward to what he has to say. Great chess playing and swordplay Esquimaux. I hope we meet up sometime for real. I'll pick up the tab for lunch and drinks.

ya ya ya
The whole purpose of the thread was to stirr up the excrement and you know it!

Could be worse being called a Liberal! I would take moron!

RedW05 I think its obvious I insulted Fred even more than that…cause i called him a moron AND Im a liberal!!! That seems to be the ultimate insult for you Cowtown boys.

well, not A liberal…but liberal thechnically I voted NDP so I assume thats even worse lol.

Hey you voted that is a good thing. Freddie my friend has been in the desert too long and he is having fun at your expense I am sure. Remember Freddie Coffee at Glenmore Landing and your buying right!

Ya got it. I will be back in Calgary on 11 March on the flight from Heathrow.
Give me a day or two to get sorted out and reprogram myself to normality. I have to go back and file and pay all my taxes for 2005. At least the liberals arent getting it this time.

Esquimaux and I have been talking privately. Not a bad guy.

I was wondering why you were messaging me. Please dont drag me into any more of your games larry

OK that is your call.

There wasnt any games between us. I thought this was some good friendly kibitzing and that we could talk things over. The reason for messaging you was for us to be able to talk without having comments from a moderator in the middle of it. I didnt mind your comments to me.

I am sincerely sorry if I have offended you and I apologize. Please keep in touch.