For crying out loud Barrett

you cant win this game. hurry up and put someone else in as QB, anybody, and get Joseph out of there while he can still walk.

I wish but we all know it won’t happen.

this game is over.. Riders choked big time! 2 chances to put the Esks on the limb, and they failed.

Bye bye Barrett... have fun on the employment line!

of course the only team who keeps there injured qb in are the riders, he was inafective the whole time he was in there, why not make a change, whats the worst thats gonna happen? down by 20 some points with 3 minutes togo and they still got him in there, when is this bad dream gonna come to a end?

Dear Bed,

Sorry 'bout that.

Rider O-Line

Good one jm!

Doesnt Danny realize that keeping Joseph in
was pointless. Nothing good could come of it.

Who else could they have put in? Rocky Butler started, and was knocked out of the game with 'A major headahce' - concussion. I am not a supporter of Danny Barrett, but what were his alternatives? He might get the next start.

By part way through the third quarter, the game was out of reach. Barrett was stupid to leave Joseph in - put in Durant, give him some reps and experience, and rest Joseph. He's already injured, and leaving him in is an unnecessary risk. What good is making the playoffs (if it still happens) if you have no quarterback when you get there??

Dumb, dumb move leaving Joseph in, in my opinion.

Id of let KK quarterback before i let Joseph
stay in.

put in the 3rd guy whoever that is.

otherwise, anyone else who can throw. Every team has players at other positions who have had QB experience in college or highschool.

I agree with jm, put Durant into the ball game, lets see what kind of QB he might be for us. The final was 35-8, they had nothing to lose.

Joseph and Butler were Brutal...once again Danny pulls off another bonehead coaching decision by leaving in Injured QB with the game outta reach...

Danny isn't the only bonehead coach on the team. They should all be gone in the off-season. We may as well start rebuilding from the ground up.

I wonder if Nealons available?



hahahahah yes what she said :slight_smile:

My ears are stilling ringing.

Sorry. :cry: :oops: :cry:


The good thing here is Danny Barrett had his already banged up starting QB to take a beating for no practical reason just prior to having only four days of rest before facing the same team again. Now one can really doubt Joseph will be efficient on Friday...

... only 79 hours before they hit the field again... Quick, Joseph... HEAL !

maybe danny is looking for an excuse to put the pads back on one more time.