For Bob -- Accountability


I would like to start off by saying thank-you. You truly have made a difference in many people’s lives and have not only have many impact on a city, but to many Canadians across this country.

Now comes decision time. The fish rots from the head down – ultimately you are accountable. Although you are not the one throwing or catching the ball (all be it, you might just be better than what we have), tough decisions have to me made.

I, like many, trust you. You are very intelligent businessmen, and I know that you will make a difference. Good luck, as you have our full support.

Well said and I support Bob, like I said many other times, NO BOB =NO TI-CATS !!!!!!!! Some people think this isn't true but think about it, who would would buy this team ?(':?')

I think that there would be many offers to buy the Cats now.

I think, tiggerone, you meant who would have bought the team long, long ago, if Bob hadn't have purchased it.

Your right, tough decisions have to be made. And sometime the toughest ones are sticking to the ones that you have already made.

You can't flip flop and most do who attend this forum on a regular basis.

You can't get new personnel on or off the field because they are currently under contract with other clubs. The best you can do in the short term is build from with in. Work on small successes and build from there.

Bob, you've got my support ! :thup:

Well said. A nice change from some of the delusional "arm-chair owners".