$$$ for average QB

So the Riders paid 400,000 with the opportunity for Durant to make 500,000 if he hits bonuses. Way to much

Point one:
I'm not sure where you got the 400k figure. I just googled 3 different articles, two of them give no numbers at all and only Rob Vanstone speculates the 300k range. 300k is probably about his value right now and would be LESS than Ray, Burris or Calvillo makes (at least by popular opinion), even less than Khari Jones made on his last deal in Winnipeg in '05. Money in CFL contracts is never officially disclosed.

Point two:
I would suggest that Durant is better than an average QB.

Point three:
There is only one reason that you would open this thread in the Rider forum as opposed to the CFL forum and use the term 'average QB' in the title. That would be to antagonize Rider fans.

So congratulations, you win the 'Troll of the Week' prize. Bend over, here it comes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Point One: I think you are correct.

Point Two: Not convinced yet. Last year was a poor year. . . I'll need to see if he bounces back this season.

Point Three: Bang on, 100% accurate.

Im just happy we are finally paying a quarterback here in Saskatchewan.