For Attendance and Party Reasons, Cgy vs Mtl would be best!

if you wanna look at what the best results for attendance, and Grey Cup Party fever and excitement!

you want a Calgary vs Montreal Grey Cup..


because Calgary fans truly know how to party and throw a Grey Cup!

and with the Alouettes in the Game in Montreal?? they'll go nuts!

they'll sell out that stadium so fast, especially if the Stamps are there because they'll buy up whatever tickets remain!


Thats what I was hoping for. I did not want edmonton in there because I wanted Montreal fans to be in to it. Plus I didn't want Edmonton lording it over us (Rider fans). I also did not want BC in it, as from experience at Grey Cups, their fans are generally pricks. (there are exceptions, but on mass, that is my experience). I hope Montreal destroys Calgary on Sunday. I can't wait till I get Montreal.

Go Stripes GO

I personally don't understand why someone who isn't a huge fan of the Montreal Alouettes or Calgary Stampeders would want to attend the Grey Cup game...

I mean come on. How many hockey fans here would run to buy tickets for a Columbus Blue Jackets - Nashville Predators NHL game...

"There's partying!" you say? Give me a break. Go to any major city, rent a hotel room and buy a case of beer. There's a "party" anytime. In any city.

Too bad that's the best CFL team in each conference you're comparing two fairly anonymous NHL teams to. A better comparison would be to ask which hockey fans here would run to buy tickets for a Montreal Canadiens - Detroit Red Wings game (whether those are the best teams in each conference is obviously up for debate, but it's a lot closer than comparing the two teams to columbus and nashville), in which case the number is probably significantly higher.

I'm going and I'm going to love it!

Also.... hitting up the Canadiens Boston game on Saturday night for the Roy retirement.

CHOO CHOO All aboard the hype train!

hey, have you EVER EVER been to a Grey Cup? with all the festivities and fun going on? and then gone to the game? or seen a parade?

if you say no, then you have no right to say this!

I've been there! I have taken in all the festivities and parties and so on..

and the fans that come are from all over! but usually most come from the cities that are in the game! but you see many fans from all over, with all the jerseys from each team!

and it's GREAT!

different hotels and places in the downtown each have their own thing going on! it's all over the place!

so I suggest you take in a Grey Cup week before you make such a stupid comment!

umm calgary isnt throwing a grey cup so how does that matter?

pricks? at least they arent tossing beers

Party.. not a Grey Cup itself..

you totally didn't get what I said there.

i didnt get it because you said it wrong lol

100% Agree, I used to think the same, but after my first GreyCup in Toronto last year, I don't plan on missing another one anytime soon! The people are nice, come from all over the country, Not just from the teams who are playing

I personally know people who are going up just for the festivities, Driving back home on the Sunday (to Hamilton) and watch the game at home.

The best thing about this match up is that it probably saved me a couple of grand, since I would have gone if it was Calgary vs Edmonton.

Good luck to both teams, you deserve to be there.