For anybody who knocks the CFL refs

Anybody watching the Bears game?

I hope all you guys that say the NFL refs are so much better that then CFL guys saw the worst call I have ever seen.

Chicago runner fumbles the ball while he is outside the 3 yet they called it a TD. It was overturned on replay but the fact still remains they blew the call in the first place, big time!!!!!!!

To quote you guys who like to know the refs!!!!!
It made the refs look Amature, Bush league and it was embarrassing for the league.

I have been saving those for a while now :lol:

I agree no matter what league or sports the roll of the refree is not pleasant. You can not make calls without making a fan for any side happy. Most are judgement calls and many times they can be wrong but then again somone will be happy and someone will be pissed by the call. This is part of the game. It is when a refree has it out for a team and it is very obvious that gets the fan ticked.

I agree.
Its just that sometimes around here our fans think the NFL refs are gods compared to the CFL

They are human and do make mistakes just like CFL refs. But what happened after, where it got overturned so that the call was right, that should start happening in the CFL.

In the Steelers/ Colts game the entire defensive line jumped offside and made contact with the o-line of the colts. No one ended up getting a penalty even though they were obviously drawn offside or the d intentionally did it. The refs talked for a while then announced that no one made contact so there was no penalty. The announcers in the game were pretty upset at this poor display of reffing as well as the steelers coach. People who get upset with CFL refs have to remember that it happens everywhere and in every sport.

Who needs refs. anyway? Little kids on the sand-lots and park fields ref. themselves, and I never see any blown calls. :wink: :idea:

.........and what about the play clock down to zero on the last Bears drive?.........maybe the TV clock was wrong?.........

No kidding...all refs make mistakes..the CFL has great ref's, with no aid from instant replay.
Cheers to the common folk CFL ref's...hope you enjoy the off season..
Get rested up for another CFL ref bashing season..

I think the worst was defentitly the overturned interception by Troy Polemollo (sp??). It was so obviously an interceotion. Not only did he have control of it while going down, he held on to it the whole time he was down. He lost it getting up.

Thank you, ro, for posting this ... these are my sentiments exactly. I hate it when people bash the CFL over nothing particular to it (eg, bad reffing). I hate it when people bash the CFL just for sport. Personally, I think the CFL officiating is as good as the NFL's, in terms of blown calls, and better than the NHL's. So all you who like to bash CFL refs ... lay off.

The difference is that hte NFL guys have replays so even if they miss a call or two they got the challenges to help them correct it. A perfect example is in the broncos patriots game when determining where the ball left the field of play and they need to be able to reviwe it instead of having to just rely on what they saw which is the major problem with the cfl refs, their mistakes get magnified by the lack of replays since the tv camera often shows calls that the refs miss I say often of course because sometimes the CBC broadcasts the game and their cameramen dont even watch the game

Thank god, the NFL is a bush league.

problem is in the NFL, if the refs make a mistake, they come out of it smelling like a rose, more so now with IR.

in the CFL, if the refs make a mistake, they come out of it smelling like... well you get the idea.

I didn't see the game, but the guy had the ball, loses it at the 3 yard line, and they at frist counted that as a TD??? ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!

If that's the case, I never look at a bad No Yards the same way again.

ro1313, you were reading my mind on the subject. Your post, Esks123 and Billysoups were all classic examples of how the CFL Zebras get bashed when they make a mistake, but yet in todays paper, the gaffe (Only the interception) got postage stamp coverage. If it had happened in a CFL game, it would have been front page news...."CFL REFS BLOW CALL"

The only thing the NFL does better is they sugar coat the mistakes so the damage is minimal.

By the all the Instant replay lovers out there....How did you like that Interception turn-around from the Colts - Steelers game?

It wasn't the three yard line where he fumbled, it was the one yard line, regardless they blew the call. But in the end they got it right with help from technology.

In my paper and on (Don Banks column) they talk about numerous incidents where the refs blew calls. It was terrible and they even got an instant replay wrong imo.

it reminds me of this discussion we had few mouths ago.

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and adding to what I said before, it's like the guy who fumbles is down by contact since the ball is played from the 2 (or 1) in the CFL.

In the CFL if a player fumbles it through the endzone his team gets the ball back from where he fumbled it (example Dorsey from the Riders fumbled the ball at the 1 though the endzone and the Riders got the ball back at the 1).

In the NFL if a player fumbles it through the endzone the other team gets the ball at their own 20 yardline (it's a touchback).

Don't know if you knew this Kanga.

I know it, and I like the CFL rule better. No need to chage it or what not, it's a great rule.

cuz the D isn't in possession of the ball, why should they get it after the fumble? the NFL should look at that rule again.

Did you see the Patriots game and the pass interference call on Asante Samuel. Ashlie Lelie committed offensive pass interference on Asante Samuel. Then they got screwed with Champ Bailey's fumble in the endzone, should have been a touch back. I agree the officials sucked this week. Troy Polaumalu fumble that could have cost the Steelers. I love instant replay, but this week proves instant replay can't save the NFL from dumb officiating.

Another reason why I like "OUR" rules better.

Good one Roughy

He definitely lost control of the ball at the 3 but it really is not important. :wink:
I was surprised to see that for an injury, the player only has to leave the game for 1 play instead of 3 like in the CFL