For Angelo Mosca fans!

Here's the link to a CFL Fantasy League I started for fans of the great Angelo Mosca:

King Kong!

All CFL fans (as well as big ape movie fans) are welcome to join!

This League I started in honour of Cookie Gilchrist who played for the Tiger-Cats in 1956 and 1957 as well as just down the road for the Sarnia Imperials in 1954 and the Kitchener-Waterloo Dutchmen in 1955 is also crying for more members:

Chester's Cookies

Please show your support and sign up!


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Here are links for two other CFL Fantasy Leagues that might be of interest to those in the Hamilton area and southwestern Ontario in general. First a League for those with Baltic ancestry:


And one for either old time O.R.F.U. fans or those with some connection to London:

London Lords

New members are very welcome!


Here's a good video on Angelo Mosca's career:



Thank you for that .

Oh , and no I'm not crying , I was just peeling onions is all . :sob:


I got a kids replica style Ticat helmet when I was 8 years old, and with a black marker wrote 68 on both sides in tribute to Ang.

Looking back it was quite an advantage being the only kid wearing a helmet in back yard pick up games.


Hardcore Tiger-Cat fans as well as any other members of the proud fraternity of CFL fans are once again welcome to join any of the above Fantasy Leagues for the 2022 campaign!


That was good ; surprised it was Mark Hebsher who did it .

He is not known for liking the CFL .

Mosca said it best you are telling a story with entertainment . You want to feel connected . People want to see the story unfold with villains etc ... and want to feel something for the athlete / wrestler .

TSN needs to create that story line more and let the athletes talk the talk pumping up the game's animosity lines especially in a contact sport .

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Just a friendly reminder Baltic, Abby is running the 2022 CFL / GCC predictions

Link? A quick look doesn't yield the thread.

Is that the one though where we must pick each game's winner thus forcing us to pick against our heart?


Nobody can force anyone to choose against their heart. Again just a friendly reminder. I thought you played in 21.

Actually I did not precisely because I didn't like the heart vs. mind conflict.


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That's cool with me. Would hate to have to take you down in the final two weeks of the season......