For All you Burris Fans

Hopefully you watched BC, Montreal last night, and you would have seen how a true professional quarterback leads his team. Lulay, who is by anyones standards a more valuable quarterback than Burris, gave his all to get every inch he could to help out his team on many ocassions. This guy doesn't even know what the words "go down", or "slide" mean. That is how you lead a team. That is how you earn your teammates respect.

Why are you ragging on Burris? He has a Grey Cup ring as a starter, and so does Lulay. Difference is that BC's defense can usually step up and carry the load even on nights when the offense isn't clicking. Burris doesn't have that luxury in Hamilton.

Lulay is also nine years younger than Burris and didn’t go into his last game having fumbled four times in the game before.

You know who else doesn’t know the meaning of the word slide? Buck Pierce. Would you rather have him too?

and against Montreal, Lulay couldn't punch the winning TD into the end zone despite three chances from the 10.
Last week Burris passed for over 300 yards against the Als and we were beaten by a last second FG, if that FG had just sailed wide we would be talking about Hamilton being the No:1 team right now.

I don't think so, another team's mistake doesn't make you #1 (unless you're playing Saskatchewan in the Grey Cup :wink: ). If Hamilton's D had made the stop and kept the Als out of field goal range, then we could talk.

So Burris is a bum because he slides. Hmmm, okay.

So then Durant, Buck Pierce, Steven Jyles, K Glenn, Tate, AC, Ricky Ray are all pussies too?

If you remeber there was once a quarterback named Matt Dunigan didn't know those words either and what happened to him. he still has cocncussion problems 16 years away from retirement. the problem with this teams is its defence can't stop anyboday when it has to, there's nothing wrong with Burris and his offense

Lulay, who is an excellent QB, has the luxury of running an offense with the league's best running game

Rushing Yards per game

BC 128.4
SSK 106.8
CAL 106.6
EDM 91.8
HAM 90.2
WPG 90.0
TOR 90.0
MTL 88.9

QB by efficiency rating

BURRIS, H 110.3, 66.4%, 2,456, 19 TD passes, 5 ints
CALVILLO 106.2, 63.7%, 2,978, 20 TD passes, 7 ints
LULAY, T, 97.5, 66.6%, 2,388, 14 TD passes, 7 ints
GLENN, K, 97.0, 66.7%, 1,712, 10 TD passes, 5 ints

sicantired: A quarterback who doesn't slide is absolutely no good to his team or the fans.

You left yourself wide for open for criticism with your original post. :thdn: :roll:

Burris did a hook slide once in the Montreal game, so I'm assuming you are basing this criticism on that one play. On that play, it was 2nd and 15 from the 15 1/2 yard line. When Burris was at around the ten, he was faced with three defenders who were lined up around the five. Are you suggesting that he should play Red Rover and try to break through that line with enough momentum to take him close enough to the first down marker that we might have gone for it on 3rd down? Or are you saying that the extra two yards he might have made would have made it an easier field goal, and were worth the risk of injury?

I don't think you're going to get too many supporting you on this one.

Lions quarterback Travis Lulay Slides just short of the goal line

Read more: ... z25GVGu4Ut

[b]Wins mask average season for QB Lulay

Best stat is his six victories - but Lions' offence should be better[/b]

the perception of Lulay is that he, like the Lions' talented offence, has struggled after destroying opposing defences during an autumn stampede to the Grey Cup.
Only B.C.'s league-leading defence, surrendering points at a historicallylow clip, has been dominant this year. Lulay and the offence has been, at best, average.
Read more: [url=] ... z25GVkBg37[/url]

Bingo! In fact, I will add to your argument and say that if he had slid, he would have also risked a fumble.

Also, for the record, since the CFL goalposts are on the goal-line, the extra two-yards would have if anything made the field goal more difficult because of the angling.

Now lets add how many wins each of them have, and don't forget to subtract one from Hamilton, cause you and I both know that they had their butts handed to them by Toronto, even though they came away with the 2 points. Actually very similar to the American girls soccer team, who have the Olympic Gold, but really should have the bronze (maybe).

How so???????

Might having the league's best defense and the league's best running game some affect on the team's won/loss record, or does only the QB's ability affect the won/loss record?

Yes of course and that was my point. Nothing to do with Burris, so let's talk

yeah and if pigs had wings they would fly.......burris has showed us nothing, but neither has the offensive schemes of cortez.....i've had seasons seats for 40 years and this feels worse than the 1 and 17 season..

Ok, feelings and all that mushy stuff aside, we are not out of the playoff hunt at all for this year. Keep the faith.

It's sports, it's not a musical concert where you can mess up and few people even know in the audience on most occasions, the fans love you sort of thing even if you missed some chords. It's not scripted.